Sunday, 26 February 2012

'Not so Mini' MONSTERS!

 There has been talk online about the new Monster rules for Pulp City that are meant to be posted up very soon.
What do we know about them so far?
You will be able to use a Monster instead of a Pulp City team of Supremes.
They will have 3 different levels. (9,12 and 15 iirc) Basically they are as powerful as that many levels of Supremes.
There will be 3 different types. Beasts (nature), Elders (mystery) and robots (science)
You will be able to create your own monster rules using 100s of different options. Quite like the current BOOM Minion rules from the Pulp City Guide.
As well as the create your own rules, there will be premade rules sets for the 4 builds of the Pulp Monster and more.

Time to look at some big toys!
I'm going to start off with the Monsters I have or plan to pick up.

The official Pulp City Monster model. 
4 different builds but a whole variety of different options if you mix and match the bits. Made to create 2 Elders and 2 Beasts. You can see scale shots and layouts of the different builds >>HERE<<

Heroclix Giant-Sized X-Men Sentinels. Mk1,2+5.
They fit perfectly on 80mm bases and look the part for Robots. Can see them storming through the city on the hunt for Supremes.
Mk 2+5 are about a head taller than Giant Hadron but Mk1 is even bigger! Scale shots >>HERE<< and >>HERE<<

Perfect for climbing tall buildings with a helpless lady in hand.
There are some great scale shots and even a Battle Report using this mini on the Pulp Citizen Blog

Banebeasts - Talos, Colossus of Bronze from Maelstrom Games
Ever watched Jason and the Argonauts? Think Hellsmith should have a new friend?
This could be perfect for you. Can even be used as Beast, Elder or Robot!

Steampunk Dragon from Armorcast
In the fluff, CORE turns into a giant metal dragon to fend off a Necroplane attack. At 8 inches tall this looks like the perfect model to be Byte Dragon

Area 51 UFO from Pegasus Hobbies
I really hope I will be able to tweak the Robot rules so I can use this UFO. You always see them in comics.
If I can, it will make a good Necroplane Harvest Ship for Byte Dragon to take on.
About 6 inches wide I think. (Mine hasn't arrived yet)

TR-3E UFO from Atlantis Models
If the rules will allow me to make a flying saucer, I quite like this one as an Ulthar invader. 5 1/2" wide.
Seeing there will be 100s of rules options, I should be safe picking this one up.

I have also found a selection of other large models. Not sure if I want to pick these up yet but the might be just the thing someone is looking for.

Pegasus Hobbies War of the Worlds tripod

Reaper Miniatures Grave Horror, Purple Wyrm, Pit Fiend + Spirit of the Forest

Kaiju Kaos Colossal Subterranean, Kaos Monster, Son of Gourdzilla and THE COBLIN!

That's not a bad list on 'not so' Miniatures. But I would love to see and collect some more.
Do you know of any?
What else would you use as a Monster Beast, Elder God or Giant Robot?
Please post them below.

There are 3 (very loose) rules to follow.
1. It has to fit on an 80mm base
2. Should be at least 4" tall
3. You can see it rampaging through or attacking a city in a comic book
Cant wait to see what everyone comes up with.....

Hendybager awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Replies
    1. You can use them straight out of the box aswell.

  2. I's love some scale reference on some of those Reaper minis. And the Talos is very, very col, but in all a good selection of ideas to use. :)

    1. I have sent requests out to try and get some size info for them.
      Will update as soon as I have it.


  3. Personally, looking around for one from each of the main bad guys I have. I'm eyeing the official model for an Ulthar beast. Finding a dino for the Mysterious Man. But kind of stumped on a Necroplane heavy hitter.

    Once we get to level 3 for ARC, I have the giant ape above. Just need a backstory, heh. And when my beloved Forgotten get their level 3, will sort out which mythological monster they'll have too.

    Will pick up something for Heavy Metal, of course. Giant robots = many to pick from, not to mention the good Captain. And maybe a good giant for the unaligned heroes. But what?

    1. Mysterious Man could use the Dino from the official kit.
      Necroplane does have Soul Golems. Said to be cyclops'. Official kit again?

      For Forgotten Im using the Talos. Fits well with Hellsmith and the Mecha Spartan art.

      Byte Dragon for Heavy Metal!!!!!
      Not sure on the other good guys. Depends who you use more.

  4. The Spirit of the forest would be a tad small i think. He fits better on a 60mm base but I have him as my Deeproot for Blood Bowl on a 40mm. He is probably too big for that.

    1. Thanks for that. Nice mini for a large Minion then maybe


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