Monday, 6 February 2012

PAW 2012 - Con Report

As some readers may already know, we went to PAW 2012 this weekend. Running 2 Pulp City demonstration and participation tables.
Lets start off with a look at out lay out.

Along with the Sarissa Precision buildings (that almost every player took a card for becaused they loved them) and Fat Dragon roads there were lots of extra scenery bits from Fenris Games. (All links on this page)
To top it off, my lovely wife made some 'Comic Book Noises' to draw in the crowds. And boy did it work!
On the first day we had at least 1 table going all day and the other for most of it.
I had painted up 2 teams to start with (2nd pic behind cards) and Andy had painted up a lot of his Supremes as well (3rd pic on stand).
The players could then pic Heros or Villains and 2-3 models they liked the look of.
I know this may have been a touch more complicated than us picking the simple ones but the added effect of people being able to use what they like instead of just what they are given seemed to really fuel the enjoyment of the games.
Time for a few in game shots.

After 2 days worth of games, we had a LOT of happy players with a new love for Pulp. Some even started looking up the website on their phones as they were at the table!
A couple of players had seen Pulp City before am liked some models we didn't have painted up.
But WIP in a bag under the table was about 70% of the entire range. So if they really wanted to use a certain Supreme, we let them.
He is the card layout for the some we had and even an example of the Pulp Monster kit!

At the end of the weekend I think our table was a MASSIVE success. All players enjoyed the games, especially the guys from the Brixham Berserkers who shout cheesy one liners with each attack, and so did we.

With 3 people running our games there were chances to go and take a look at all the other stalls and games that were there. And even try some of them out.

I did have a couple of favourites.
Frag 3D by Trelawneys Armies Gaming Society was a lot of fun. It was quick and simple but still enjoyable at the same time. A bit like laser tag with heavy weapons and nukes.

Next was my personal favourite of the show - Infinity, run by Wargaming Trader
A brutal and fast sci-fi skirmish game where you get to attack the enemy as soon as you can see them. In their own turn!
The table was lovely as well. Glow stick street lights and an LED text ball.

What about the stalls?
Apart from stocking lots of great things at even better prices, they were dangerous.
I ended up with another Cutlass crew, a second Malifaux crew, some Heroclix to make Pulp City Minions and a whole Infinity PanO army! Plus shiny new metal dice. Whoops!

So, that was my time at PAW 2012. Really enjoyed the whole weekend and already booked in again for next year. There would have been more pics and more detailed reports of the games but I just got carried away with it all and forgot to take more or write anything down. (Even forgot to eat on the first day)

Hendybadger out


  1. I've done some Frag on 3-d boards before. My favorite is using the Halo 3-d game tiles for 3-d frag.

    Great looking table Mr. Hendybadger, sir!

  2. Is that one sarissa bundle per table that you were using?

    1. Roughly. With some extras floors added or taken away

  3. Replies
    1. It was the best con I have been to so far.
      Very enjoyable

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks.
      As I mentioned, there would have been more but I was too busy to think about taking them

  5. Very nice tables Ian - thanks for the game :-)
    Set up was really nice, and having all the extras such as lamp posts, benches and such like was cool.

    Finishing off Tritonius with a port-a-loo to the face was particularly enjoyable as well! :-)

    Some other very nice tables there too. Liked the Infinity board, but didnt get a chance to play.
    Cheers for putting up the pics of our Frag 3D game - glad you had fun.


    1. Cheers Rob.
      I think the table turned out well. Quite happy with it.

      Poor Tritonius. One of the worst ways to go.

      Infinity was fun. Fast and brutal.
      Frag was good fun aswell. Especially seeing I won!!!!


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