Monday, 20 February 2012

Biostrip Review Part 2 - Different Plastics and Resins

After my recent Biostrip review >>HERE<<, I was asked if I could test the product on some other materials over night.
(click any images for a larger view)

I had a bit of a dig around and came up with these.
Top row: Pulp City resin, Black Scorpion resin
Bottom row: Heroclix transparent plastic, standard Heroclix plastic, Privateer Press plastic.

The Heroclix models were painted already. The others were given a heavy black undercoat, foundation layer, colour layer some metallics and a wash.
Once they were dry I covered them in the Biostrip 20 'goop' and left them for 24 hours.
23 longer than recommended but worked very well with the last batch.

24 hours later and it was time to find out how the product worked on these materials.
All models were scrubbed off lightly with an old toothbrush under some warm water.
I will show each separately as there were some very interesting results.

Standard Heroclix

Very little effect on the paintwork. If any at all.
But as you can see in the second picture, the Biostrip has softened the plastic that much that I cant now bend the arms right around.
Not looking good I'm afraid for the Heroclix re-painters out there.

Heroclix Transparent Plastic
There was a slightly different effect on this plastic.
The Biostrip has removed the white highlights from the wings but it has also taken a lot of the blue colouring off of the clear parts. Not softened though.
A little better but still doesn't do the job wanted.

Privateer Press Plastic
A very good result on this one.
All the paint has been removed and no softened plastic. The black undercoat does seem to leave stains but no loss of detail. You wouldn't even notice once undercoated again.

Pulp City Resin
Mixed result for the Pulp resin. The paint has been removed and left only the undercoat stain. Which is fine.
But the surface of the resin has been softened a LOT. Its even 'squishy' to touch.
Not recommended for this type of stripping.

Black Scorpion Resin
Hmmm. As you can see, NOT GOOD! The Biostrip has eaten away the resin making it crumble apart when touched.

Biostrip is a good product for stripping metal and plastic minis. Very good in fact.
Using it on Heroclix models doesn't do very much I'm afraid. Still looking for something that works well on those.
Then there;s the important bit. DO NOT use on resin. Not only are resin models softened and damaged by the product, they are not cheap to replace!

Standard plastic and metal (GW, PP etc) 9 out of 10
Heroclix plastic and resin of any sort 0 out of 10

Time to search ebay for some badly painted minis I think!

What do you think of this new non-toxic stripper?

Hendybadger out



  1. Replies
    1. No probs Colonel. I try to be as helpful as I can

  2. Looks very promising. I've been using Dettol but it has a rather strong smell so this sounds like a better choice :)
    Mind if I link to this on a tutorials page I'm putting together on my blog? Seems paintstripping is one of those eternal mysteries and I think this would be really useful to people.

    1. Feel free to link it anywhere you like.
      Just trying to be helpful to the rest of the community


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