Thursday, 16 February 2012

Yaaarrrr! The Badger be sett'n sail!

Ahoy thar maties!
Some new cargo appeared at the good ship Hendybadger today. A couple of new vessels!
Pics below have a 28mm 'not' Jack Sparrow for scale on a 25mm base. Click to view with your telescope.

First up we have the Small Sloop and cannons from Minimi.
An 8" long ship with masts and 4 cannons.
A simple but effective ship. Perfect to start playing Legends of the High Seas. At only £10 it is a bargain.
The cannons are single piece and £1 each. They are abit shiny so I cant see the detail too well yet but they are a decent size. Quite abit bigger than others I have,
All in all, a good ship at a good price.

The next box had a fair bit more in it.
All from Games of War. The first thing I pulled out of the box was their new and remodelled Sea Dog.
A 9" small sloop but with a HUGE amount of detail. Perfect planking and amazing little details all around.
I think I may even have the first one of these. (website problem until I asked to buy it). The Sea Dog is a little more expensive at £15 but its worth it. Looking at the details side by side, I would have happily paid even more if I knew how nice it was going to be.

Above, you can also see their 'Legends of the High Seas' template set. Very useful and the teardrop even has scatter shot etched into it.
What is a ship without all the extras? Well its just a hull and that wont do anyone any good.
So I ordered all the bits and pieces as well.
Large anchors, small anchors, a belfry, a helm wheel, swivel guns, lower deck cannon ports and more cannons!
The cannons are smaller but that's perfect because there are different sized cannons in the game.

Really looking forward to getting these up and running. Mrs Badger (the galley wench) is even going to stitch some material sales for me.
Maybe I should read the rules?

Hendybadger out


  1. Very nice. That Games of War ship is especially nice. I Love all of the additional detail bits. This is going to be so cool painted up.

    1. I want to try and get it looking as real as possible.

  2. I ordered some things from Games of War a year or so ago (the bigger ship, one of the houses) and I'm impressed with their stuff. Even though they've both been sitting on the shelf waiting for me to get my Legends on.

    1. I have used some of thier parts before in Warmachine conversions and I was very impressed when the ship arrived.
      Already looking at the next size up

  3. Does Mrs Badger know she has been mentioned as galley wench? LOL

    Good stuff mate. I now need to look back through your posts for Legends of the High Seas info. :)

    1. She does. And was abit upset. But only because I left out the word 'buxom'

      I havent really covered any Legends on here yet. But plan to soon

  4. Be interested to see what you think of the rules. We found them a little unsatisfactory after playing and really enjoying the legends of the old west with virtually the same rule set. The models are great though and we are acquiring other games to use them with :)

    1. I do want to do a game overview on here when it gets going.
      Tried a little demo and it seems simple enough to pick up. I love the looks of the campaign system.

      I have heard afew people have crossed it over with bits of the Cutlass rules. That could be fun.


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