Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Future's Bright. The Future's.......... Badger

I thought it would be nice to put together a post on the future of my hobby and the future of this blog.
At the moment I have LOADS of models and different games lying around, and not enough time to finish or play them all.
So I have chosen to narrow down what I'm doing for a while.
My own hobby will be 3 games (for now) and the blog will have a couple more.

This blog is going to get a 'little' narrowed down. Some things going but some things getting added.
In the near future you will see-
Relics Reviews, General gaming news I like the look of, New products I find and like, Guest posts on Malifaux, and some surprises.
And content from and for my 3 chosen games (below)

Pulp City is my favourite skirmish game of all time. Amazing minis with brilliant rules.
What other game lets a 50 year old man wearing a train kill a vampire bulldog with a portaloo while a robot gorilla throws zombie superman off a building?

What you will see on here-

My own collect, paint and play ALL Pulp City models project
News and Reviews and of the game and minis
2012 11+1 painting challenge and Pulp City painting exchange
Theatrical battle reports, some in comic form
Reviews, building, painting and finished scenery from companies such as Sarissa Precision, Ainsty Castings and Fenris Games
My own paint schemes inspired my characters from Marvel and others.
MONSTERS! From a selection of different companies
And more

Pirates are my other main love. In any form. But Legends of the High Seas has 28mm ships as well!
Need to learn this game but from what I have seen and tried so far its great fun.

What you will see-

Reviews and battle reports from the game.
Painting, converting and reviews of pirate minis from companies like Black Scorpion and Black Cat Bases
SHIPS! Huge ones! From Ainsty Castings,  Games of War and Minimi
Sea boards, islands and pirate ports with some weird and wonderful additions!
More piratey things

Infinity is the newest game to me. But after playing recently I have found its a lot of fun.
Started up a PanOceania force and really enjoying it.

What will be on here-

PanOceania models. Building, painting, reviews etc
Sci-Fi scenery that's home made and from Micro Art Studio and Sarissa Precision
Battle reports
News and anything else that comes up.

So, that's that!
Looks like I have lots of work to do!
Hendybadger out


  1. Yep it's good to do a bit of mental prep for your Blog from time to time. I took a break from writing any actual new articles on my own Blog to try and work out what I wanted to do with it. I've got a load of idea's now rushing around in my head and I need some time to think it all through I guess and probably do what you've done. Looking forward to seeing your stuff on Infinity in particular.

    1. Thats why I have done this really.
      Got about 2 notepad pages of posts I have thought up now. And that without the 'oooh Im putting that up' ideas I get.

      The Infinity posts will be soon. Surrounded my minis and scenery at the moment though

  2. Sounds very cool. Pulp City looks like a cool game, and I already play LOTHS. I'll be watching with interest.

    1. Thanks. I will try and make new posts as interesting as possible
      Got a good one lined up for tonight.

  3. "What other game lets a 50 year old man wearing a train kill a zombie bulldog with a portaloo while a robot gorilla throws zombie superman off a building?"


    1. I did get that a little wrong.
      It was meant to be a 'vampire' bulldog killed by a portaloo


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