Saturday, 11 February 2012

LOTS of new goodies for Warmachine and Hordes

As the title says, there are LOADS of new goodies on the way from Privateer Press.
First up is War Room! A new army builder app that includes downloadable cards for your whole Warmachine or Hordes army. You can even mark damage off on them.

Onto the shiny bits. Models!
Resin and white metal Behemoth, stunning Warpwolf upgrade parts for Ghetorix, Plastic Skorne Mulit-Heavy kit, Plastic Crxy Crabjacks inc the new Desecrator, Skorne Cyclops Raider and new Plastic Hordes Warpack boxes for all 4 main factions.
Info on all of these can be found on the Privateer Press Main Site and pics are below.

Don't forget about the Warmachine Colossal Warjacks on massive 120mm bases!
Its a good time to be a WarmaHordes player!


  1. Great bunch of creatures. I mostly like the last four sets.

    PS: thanks for following my blog, and you got yourself a new one to ;-)


    1. Cheers Peter.
      I like the Cryx plastics. Might finally start my undead Pirates


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