Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Herald! 1 of my 6 Pulp City Grails......

A couple of months ago I decided I wanted to collect, paint and use the ENTIRE Pulp City miniature range. At that point I had half pf them anyway.
Although when I told my wife this, she said she knew I was going to do this when I received my very first order.

The normal Supremes and Minions wouldn't be hard to get, Just a little saving and a little time,
But I found out there were 6 other Pulp City models that weren't for sale.
The 3 Grimm Minions, Reporter June Summers, the Golden Age Red Baron and 'The Herald'

The first 5 had been for sale in the past, Which means there was a small chance I could find somebody willing to sell them on. (Still working on that)
The time travelling cyborg 'Herald' was different.

It had NEVER been for sale and never will be. They were given to the demo/promotion volunteers for Pulp City , themselves known as Heralds. Very similar to the PP Press Gang.
The Herald programme isn't running anymore though. There is talk of it starting again in the future on the Pulp City Forums so I posted my interest because of a HUGE love of this game and the fact I have spent months trying to get more people playing.

After our demo games a couple of us put on at the PAW 2012 convention, I sent the pics over to Maciej (owner of Pulp Monsters) just so he could see what we had been doing.
Afew days later I had an email...........

It was a thank you for the work I had been putting in to promote the game. At the con and on the blog here.
That was nice, he didn't have to send that. Not a lot of companies would.
The next part I had to read 3 or 4 times as I didn't believe it to start with.

"There will be a Herald in your next order"

I was over the moon and couldn't say thanks enough in my reply and would like to say thanks on here as well!
I hadn't been promoting the game to try and get something out of it. Only because I find it the most enjoyable tabletop game out there and want others to try it as well. If you like mini games and super heroes, you will LOVE Pulp City.

The parcel arrived. The regular Supremes were placed to one side as I opened the package.
To me this may as well have been made out of platinum! (Or vibranium or adamantium)

As soon as I came home from work, the files and glue came out. Followed up by a thin black wash to bring out the detail. (the painting table is a little full so this had to do for now)

And here he is, in all of his time travelling, cyborg assassin glory (click pics to view larger)

2 days later the Herald entered Pulp City. He performed amazingly well. Stopping Solar in his tracks single handed and averting a disastrous future.

Paint will be on the mini soon. But theres the 2012 11+1 challenge and Pulp City mini exchange to sort first.
I will also update on the 5 other Grails. When, or if, I manage to get my hands on them.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

    I have been very impressed with Pulp City's classy treatment of their fan base, so far. It seems to be an actual community, rather than a grab for cash.

    1. I know its only a small group of people involved in the creaing and running of Pulp City, but you couldnt ask for a greater group

  2. Congratulations. Mine took quite some time to get hold of!

  3. That's a beautiful mini. What a very classy gift. I can't wait to see your paintjob.

    1. That may take a while. I want to get better before I paint something that special

  4. I got mine in 2010 at Gen Con after a few days of demos and booth work. lol I got the Grimms at the same time as well. Now, I'm after the elusive Red Baron and June Summers.

    Hendy doesn't lie when he talks about the community there. It's great.

    1. If you find either of them....................

  5. I am trying to purchase painted pulp city minis. Help!!!!

    1. Not seen any for sale recently. Maybe ask a commision painter?
      I know a good one. Check out Cornish Mikey painting on the right>>>>

  6. I am trying to purchase painted pulp city minis. Help!!!!


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