Thursday, 12 January 2012

Pulp City - Raccoon, Ninjas and Full Release Wave Minis Shown

Pulp City has shown the full and official pictures for ALL the models in their next release wave today. YAY!
There are some very impressive and stunning models in there as well. (click pics to view larger)
I know I have shown these as each appeared but this is the whole set together.

Starting with Tanuki (above)
A Lvl1 Villain Raccoon. Part of the Jade Cult and a master of potions.
Its such a characterful looking mini. And I love that fact that he is wearing a mask. The one animal that has a natural mask chose to wear another! And the oriental feel has been captured perfectly.

His box partner is going to be the Shadow Mask

Another Lvl1 Villain of the Jade Cult.
But the Shadow Mask has appeared in the background already. Quite far back as well.
His position in the Emperors court is the arch enemy of Chronin from the Heavy Metal team. You can read more about that >>HERE<<
I am a big fan of his 'claws'. Almost like a familiar metal boned mutant. Which makes my own colour scheme very easy to pick. And this is such a dynamic pose. Really gives a sense of action.

The second box for the Jade Cult has 3 models in.
First up - The Green Serpent

A Lvl 2 Villain Supreme.
The daughter of the Green Emperor himself and master of the blade.
Another beautiful models. The sculpt looks perfect and I cant wait to get this one in my own hands.
Instead of another Supreme, the Green Serpent is going to be boxed with some Minions.

The Jade Cult Ninjas (I known I have shown 2 of these before but thought it would be nice to see them all in one place)

Another set of VERY dynamic models. And what is a comic book world without a ninja army?
The sets come with 2 bodies, 4 heads and 4 pairs of weapons. All can be mixed and matched giving you an almost endless amount of combinations.
They will also be sold on the online Pulp City store in packs of 2, without the Green Serpent, so you can field them as part of the Way of the Fist and Blade.

Whats the Way of Fist and Blade you ask?
Well its another new sub-faction with these next releases. And it has also been mentioned that its a way to mix a very unlikely group of Heros in a martial arts alliance. Including Chimp-Chi, Chronin and Sgt Bale

The first mini for The Way of Fist and Blade is Foxxy Blade

A Lvl 1 Supreme (I think) and master of bladed weapons.
A wonderful looking mini that gives a very different look and feel to the others in the range but, at the same time, fits in perfectly with them.

Foxxys box partner is Crimson Oni

A Lvl2 (again, I think) and also Morfs avatar over of the Pulp City Forums
"Bringing the kung-fu violence to the Pulp City streets! When one of the shijin, the Phoenix, had fallen to the Black Beast, Oni was there to pick up its feather before the fire died. He got transformed from a martial artist into a divine fighting machine!"
And that's exactly how he looks. Pure power and technique to deliver justice to any Villains he meets.
There is also the added touch of the 'Phoenix Feather' on the back of his belt.

To finish off the set of releases are 2 more evil beings to fill out the ranks of the Necroplane sub-faction.

Night Fright + Leech

A very different model compared to other Supremes.
Not only is he a Supreme riding a sky-board, the board is also a Supreme.
Night Fright (rider) and Leech (board) are 2 Lvl 1 Supremes in 1 model.
Its a stunning model that looks even better that the artwork in the rulebook. Not only am I looking forward to getting this mini to fill out my Necroplane force, I'm excited to see how the combination is going to work.

You cant have a small fast guy without a big nasty one though. Enter....
Doom Train!

A Lvl2 Necroplane creation that has been haunting the dreams of, Heavy Metals, Iron Train.
Is it a clone? An alternate dimension Iron Train? Maybe a zombie from the future?
Which ever it is, I LOVE IT!!!!!
My favourite models out of this entire set. The look and feel are very creepy. And it fits in perfectly with the rest of the Necroplane faction.

Well, that was alot to take in!
These models should be available to buy very soon.
What do you think of them?

On a similar topic, well the same game anyway, I'm on a search.
Pulp City have released 6 Ltd Ed minis in the past (that I know of). Reporter June Summers, the Red Baron, Herald, Elder Grimm, Hulking Grimm and Driller Grimm.
I have been called an OCD collector for any ranges I use. I want every model there is.
With Pulp City this has turned out out be every mini they have produced. Whoops :)
I have a Hulking Grimm but I'm still hunting the other 5. This is where you may be able to help.
Do you or does someone you know have any of these they would be willing to part with?
In trades or via VERY good offers on Paypal?
If the answer was a yes, please contact me on here, Facebook, or my email -

So, thats all for now.
Hendybadger Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I need each and every one of these figs.

  2. I know exactly what you mean.
    The minis are just getting better and better

  3. Hold the phone. Ninja Ring-tail lemurs! Sign me up.

  4. Great Blog!

    IM following you!

    You can follow me too ! I got a painting Blog!

  5. Absolutely loving the latest minis and as I have just taken the leap (finally) I can't wait to order them

  6. They are stunning. Cant wait to get hold of them myself.
    A full lvl 12 Necroplane force is going to be so much fun!
    And Im sure the new Jade Cult and Way of Fist and Blade are really going to mix things up in the city.

  7. I wish the forums would work at this ponit...and it's nice to get information from another source, even being on the GDR doesn't net you inside info! grrrr. lol

    I'm looking for Red Baron and June Summers myself.

    1. The forums are up again.
      You may need to clear your cache and google then save a new bookmark though.

      All I did to get the info was ask. And Morf was very kind to give me a reply with answers.

      If you find more than one June or the Baron, give me a shout


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