Monday, 2 January 2012

New Fantasy Range from the makers of Pulp City - Reaver Lords

Maciej, the head of Pulp Monsters and creator of Pulp City, today unveiled the first of his new fantasy range on facebook >>HERE<<

Reaver Lords!

(Direct quotes from the Reaver Lords FB page) 
"Welcome to Reaver Lords. So it's on. I won't be lying to you, it is a very personal project, the kind of fantasy that I always wanted to see and play with. More dark than light, more adult than not. The world of Reaver Lords is the playground. With the vital contribution of the multi-talented artist Liam C. we are not reinventing the wheel - we are just making it very shiny in a grizzly way.

First: we have initial 6 Reaver Lords and one Avatar of the Black Sun (enemy), Second: we are working on a miniature board game but no dates and promises here :)

The sizing on the Reaver Lords is far from the usual We-are-all-32mm approach, elves, being the tallest are around 40 mm, humans are 30-33 but some, like Njall the barbarian king just dwarf them."

 How about we take a look at the first mini and the concept artwork then?
"Sollyn is the name born by all heirs to the moon kingdom of Sollyn. When the Slumber reduced the elven numbers to dozens, the last of the Sollyns stripped himself from the title and frightened visitors to this once lush kingdom talk of Shadow Prince."

"Sculpted by the amazing Rémy Tremblay, Shadow Prince is everything we want the elves of the Reaver Lords world to be: dangerous like their sleeping snake god Ouroboros, very tall yet lightning fast."

"Reaver Lords Dictionary - Slumber: The day when all of the higher powers directly bound to the World fell asleep for the yet unknown reason. Their hold of the universe grew weaker and weaker and parts of the material world started fading."

All I can say is, WOW!
Thats an amazing mini. And going to be quite a fair size by the sound of things aswell.
I havent ever really been a fan of fantasy games but if the minis keep on coming looking like this then I will definatly be picking them up.
Looking forward to how this range goes. And will be keeping a close eye on it. And if you want to then you can on thier Facebook Page
As soon as they are available and I cant get my hands on then, Im sure the minis will appear on here aswell.

Thats all for now
Hendybadger out


  1. This one is awesome dynamic. Like it amd must have it. :)

  2. I saw this mini in 2010 at Gen Con and it was stunningly detailed and dynamic.

    Pulp Monsters has something on their hands if the quality and detail continues. I can't want for full details.


  3. I just hope ot doesnt pull away releases or anything from Pulp City itself


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