Saturday, 23 May 2015

Exclusive Batman Court of Owls Preview - The Talon William Cobb

The fantastic team at Knight Models  have just sent this over.
A preview for William Cobb. A Talon for the new Court of Owls crew,

Cobb is THE Talon. Well, the first one that Batman meets anyway. Ancient reanimated assassin and Dick Grayson's great grandfather. Cobb takes out anyone the Court want him to and especially likes killing Waynes.
This model seems to have been pulled straight out of the pages of the comic as it captures the character and details perfectly.

Cobb comes in at 68 Rep and is only a Henchman! This makes it look like the court may be a low powered Leader and some very strong but expensive Henchmen. An elite force that can take on any challenge.

Armed with some Blood giving knives, Cobb uses Combo, Martial Artist and Precise Blow to become a serious threat in close combat.
Getting in to combat won't be a problem for him either. Deploying further with Undercover and then using Elusive to help avoid ranged attacks means Cobb will have no trouble crossing the board.
Don't forget that Henchmen can take Equipment as well. Do Stealth or Climbing Claws sound like good additions?
If he is taken down, "Reanimated Owl" lets him reroll the KO recovery roll and get back into the action much quicker. While he sound all round amazing, he does have a big weakness. The cold!
Mr Freeze can cause some serious extra damage to this Talon if he isn't careful.

What do you think of this Talon?
Are the Court of Owls going to be your next / first crew?

- Hendybadger


  1. Combo with is applied to both weapons?

  2. I like the miniature and the rules, but I already have so many unpainted Batman miniatures, ...
    Perhaps once I finish my league of Shadows and Law gang.

    1. I don't think a full Court crew will add many to your unpainted pile.
      Maybe 5 or so?

  3. I'll be picking this up just as soon as its released. Huge fan of the Court of Owls and this model looks super. Thanks for the tease :-)

    1. Same here. These are the crew I have been most looking forward to.


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