Monday 1 July 2013

More Deep Wars Rules Winners .... and a Break.

As some of the prizes were not claimed in our 500th Post Giveaway, we have drawn some new names!

With thanks to Antimatter Games, these 5 people will be receiving a full PDF copy of the Deep Wars rules!

Christopher Sheets
Ron Purvis
Tatiana Alejandra de Castro Perez

You have until Mondy 15th to claim your prize by contacting
Congrats to all of you!

As for he break mentioned in the title, this is going to be the last post on here for a while.
Basically I have been suffering from MAJOR gaming burnout. Just need to back away from the blog and the hobby for a while.
Things have started to seem like a chore rather than an enjoyment so its time to rethink and refresh.
When coming back to it, I want my hobby to be MY hobby again. Having the passion to do it for myself because I want to and I enjoy it. Not for anybody or anything else or not based on stuff by anyone else.
Make sense? Probably not. Oh well.

I hope you can all understand and I will see you again soon.

until then.

Hendybadger awa.................................................................


  1. Get some rest, I have eased up off my blogs also to avoid burnout and the fact things in life has been hellish making it even harder to relax and focus.

    1. Real life always needs to come first.

  2. I do not see my name on that list in some form or another... this will not go unpunished!

    1. I'm sure it was picked!
      Must have dropped it.

  3. Thank you sir. Well, try posting as little as me then. That will refresh you.

  4. Our hobby..Should be just that! Our hobby..Not work. We do it because we love it.
    Take a breather and find that happiness in gaming again.

    All the best mate

    1. Exactly!
      And I need to make it that once again.


  5. I'm working on an article about how to avoid gamer burn out and keep a sensible hobby/life balance. Might drop you an email for your thoughts (but only if it's not too stressful what with the little badgers and suchlike).


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