Sunday, 25 September 2011

Building a City - The Start of my Pulp City Board

Hi there all,
For once I have some scenery to show!

Yesterday I received my 28mm City Block bundle from Sarissa Precision. And Its STUNNING!
Built it straight away.
After adding some Matchbox cars that my wife bought me and some sign posts from Fenris Games I had the start of a Pulp City board.

Layed out 2 Lvl 5 teams (I know they arnt painted yet, but undercoat is a good start for me) and a black base board for roads and I ended up with this...........

What do you think so far?

Right, time to run. Just spotted the badger sign in the sky.
Hendybadger away!!!!!!!!


  1. Looks like a great start to your set-up!

  2. Cheers.
    Much more on the way for it aswell.
    12 street lights, 8 concrete barriers, bigger cars, 2 traffic lights, 6 rooftop doors, rooftop tanks and vents and 6 more building floors.

    Im LOVE this game!
    And have never been more into scenery for anything else I have ever played

  3. Beautiful city in developing, indeed!
    I'm waiting for a Sarissa version of British house for a project on Very British Civil War...


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