Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bases, Bases and More Bases

As I continue my journey into Pulp City I have been thinking about how to base my Supremes.
After asking about bases on the Pulp City Forums, the members suggested looking at the resin bases and base toppers produced by Fenris Games.

I have bought bases from Fenris before. Alot of thier deep DS bases for my Hordes Blindwater Gatorman army so I can make custom swamps for each mini. (More info on those soon.)

With Pulp City being based in , as it says, a city there were a couple of base ranges that stood out.
The standard tarmac street bases -

And the more damaged Post Apocalypse set -

I like both for the setting of a modern day city where super beings are constantly fighting. But I want all of the minis to match with thier base styles.
So now Im stuck.
Which ones to get?

If it was you basing heros and villians, which would you choose and why?

Hendybadger out for now


  1. I posted on the Forum, but I favour clean-look for Heroes mainly, and rubble for Villains on the whole.

  2. FenrisGames bases are great. Have several ones. :)

  3. What about for Hero/Villains that are often used on both sides?

    I do love Fenris products.

  4. The different sets of bases all look great and I like superherofigurehunter's suggestion of using the clean ones for the Heroes and rubble for the Villains. I don't know what to do about the models that can be either Heroes or Villains. Maybe just go with your instincts and assign them to one camp or the other. If I had to choose one style of bases though it would be the first set of tarmac streets, I think they'd look fine for the Villains as well.

  5. The base that really stands out for me is the post apoc with the whole in.
    Maybe it will be perfect for Dr.Merc?

    The more I look at both sets the more I like both.
    Might have to order all 4 packs and see what fits what models


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