Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Entering the City - Pulp City

 As this blog hits a landmark 30,000 hits (Thankyou to all followers and readers) I think its time for something new and different.
This is actually going to be my first post that has nothing to do with Privateer Press since I started blogging!

Recently I have started looking into some other skirmish games to play aswell as Warmachine and Hordes.
Including Malifaux, Necromunda, Cutlass and Legends of the High Seas.
Afew weeks back, Andy (good friend and gaming arch nemesis) sent me a link to another game along with a comment like 'You like super heros dont you!'

This link was for Pulp City. A super hero and villain skirmish games from Pulp Monsters.

As I started to take a look on the site I fell in love with the minis. And found a downloadable set of rules on the front page. They were fantastic!
Pulp City has recently released a full rulebook for the game with updated / streamlined rules from the download and a nice big chunk of fluff and background. I bought it straight away!

The heros and villains in the game are called Supremes. There are alot to choose from with some wonderful characters.A couple of tasters to get you started.

A 50 year old man that woke up in the desert one day wearing armour made from his favourite train.

A super (man) hero from another dimension. Killed by the evil Dr.Tenebrous and reanimated to fight for him in Pulp City

A street thug tasked with stealing computer code from the AI known as C.O.R.E. Taken over by the program.

An unknown creature / woman from the Otherside of a silver mirror. The last thing standing in Dr.Hatters burn down asylum.

There are SOOOO many more on the Pulp City Site. I highly recommend taking a look. There WILL be something you like.
Warning!!!!!!!!!! I went onto the site to pick up 6 models. 2 teams of 3 to start off and learn the game. There were so many I liked I ended up ordering 17! And theres still atleast another 15 I want.

Each supreme has a Level. 1 for a basic hero, 2 for a super hero and 3 for a mighty leader.
Games are also played at levels. a Level 5 game for example would involve 2 sides of 1 L1 Supreme and 2 L2 Supremes.
Because Level 3 Supremes are so powerful you can start using them until the game size is Level 12 or more.
The average game seems to be about L7-9. Thats not alot of minis you need to get going. 6 minis for a L9 game!

Another think to point out is the terrain. All buildings are destroyable and EVERY other piece of scenery (lamp posts, cars, barriers) can be smashed, thrown or used to beat your enemies to a pulp with. A fully interactive gaming table is going to be such a nice change

I also advise heading over to the Pulp City Forum. The players over there have been more than helpful with my MANY questions. Thank you to all that have been patient with me over there.

So, theres the start of my venture into the City known as Pulp.

Expect to see on this blog in the near future-
Pulp City guide rulebook review
My first batch of Supreme models. Reveiws, building, painting etc.
Scenery. Building the city.
New releases and preveiws of future Pulp City products.
And anything else I can think of to be honest.

I will leave you today with a couple more hero and villain pics to wet your appetite.

May your random number generator cubes be kind to you.
Hendybadger out


  1. What about Hellsmith :-)

  2. Might be worth talking to the IABN folks about switching to a tag-based syndication. :)

  3. Im undecided on Hellsmith at the mo. Not sure if I like him or not. But I have seen a nice version of him with red skin. Was that yours superherofigurehunter?
    Whats a tag based syndication?

  4. Dunno how it works but a number of other blogs I read through the IABN only send Warmahordes content to them based on tags they put on their blog posts.

  5. This blog may be setup like that already. If you go to IABN and type in pulp it comes up with my latest posts

  6. No, that's not what that means. You're probably best off emailing the IABN admins for help.

  7. Oh I get it now. You DONT want to see this sort of post coming up.
    Will get hold of them


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