Sunday, 4 September 2011

PAW 2012 - New Site + details for South West UK Con

Hi all, hendybadger here again with some info on the largest Con in the South West Uk and thier brand new website. 

PAW is a large tabletop gaming convention held in Plymouth, Devon by the Plymouth Assosiation of Wargamers each year.
This year the event will be on February 4th/5th 2012, at The Kitto Centre, Honicknowle Lane, Plymouth PL5 3NG.

Over the 2 days of the event there are a whole host of tournaments, traders, demos and participation games.
2011 was my first year at the event and I loved it. Really looking forward to the new show.
And Im even getting more involved this time with demos on the Saturday and being an umpire for the Warmachine and Hordes tournament on the Sunday. (More details on that one as I get them)

All in all its a great event! Check out the site for pics from 2011 and the plans from 2012.
I can garuntee you wont regret attending!

Thats all for now,
May your random number generator cubes be kind to you

Hendybagder out


  1. I live in West Devon and can never ever attend my local show because they refuse to move the date!

    Once again it will clash with Vapnartak in York and all of the premier traders will be in York!

  2. Thats a shame. It was great this year. You should give it a try. Meant to be even bigger and better!

  3. I'd love to go.....if only they'd stop being so damn stubborn and move the date!

  4. PAW was the last weekend in January from 1986 (when we took over the defunct Exeter University show's slot) until about 1998, when two successive snow years forced us to move it later or face the prospect of no-one coming.

    When we looked for a new date, we found it impossible to move it more than a week later without being too close to MORE events, most of which are physically closer to us than York!

    We've been using the first full weekend of February ever since


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