Monday, 19 September 2011

The City Awakens - Our First Attempt at Pulp City

You may have noticed in my recent posts, I have found a new game that I love!
Well Andy found the game and pointed me towards it. And for that Im thankful.
Its Pulp City! Where Supremes (Super humans / Heros / Villains) battle Supremes over rooftops while throwing cars at each other. How cool is that?

Last night saw our first ever game. And hindsight shows that reading all the rules first helps but, oh well.
I am waiting for some scenery and terrain to arrive so we mocked up a play area using coaters for a road, 40K buildings and some cars and signs.
Roughly looks the part and did the job nicely.
It was only a small game to start with. Level 5. 3 Supremes each with each team consisting of 1 lvl1 and 2 lvl2s.

Andrews Heros
Ace of Wraiths with weapons
Blood Rose with rose
Stoner Hawk with Elemental Mastery

Ian / Hendybadgers Villains (me)
Supreme Z
In a rush to set up I didnt even think about resources. (I was soon to learn this was a mistake)

And so it begins
Andy starts of with some Movement trickery from Blood Rose, a wall growing from the floor infront of Stoner Hawk and Ace of Wraiths lining up to start shooting.

My turns saw Supreme Z take off and head for Ace. Seabolt starting to stir the waters below the city streets and Tritonius pick up a car and throw it at Ace. (Reaslied he wasnt strong enough to do this afterwards, but we are still learning. Plus it was awesome!!)
Andys Stoner Hawk threw the car back at Tritonius after Ace ploughed a bullet into his chest. Unfortunatly, the car was the end of the half man half alien powerhouse.
Ace then headed up a building and spotted Supreme Z in the distance.
Z flew in fast and hit Ace with all his might. But was in return shot out of the sky.

Seabolt threw a tidal wave down the main street towards Stoner Hawk but didnt do much apart from soak him.
This was a bad move as Stoner then turned him into a puddle in the gutter.
Ace has moved down a level thanks to Blood Rose teleporting him to get away from Z.
Z stood on the edge of the roof top after standing back up from falling out of the sky. And used super heated eye beams to try and melt Stoner Hawk. A nice bit of damage was delt but not enough.

Then was the moment of the entire game.
Stoner Hawk picked up a close Caddy and launched it high into the sky to land ontop of Z on the roof of a building!!!!!
Almost destoyed, Z looked up and saw the barrel of Aces guns Hellstrom.
A flash, then nothing.................

So I lost badly. Very badly. But had a huge amount of fun doing so. And yeah we got rules wrong but its much easier to learn a game while playing. We are much better prepared for next time. I dont think the next game will be far off either.
If Andys heros make it out of the city alive after the sighting of a HUGE monster

Both Andy and myself now love this game. And are already addicted.
Im now off to read the rules again with a better understanding of how it all works.
And to read the cards of the rest of my Supremes and work out some Marvel inspired paint schemes for them.
While putting together my next order.... Hmmm Necroplane I think!

So there we go.
Attemp 2 coming soon

Hendybadger out


  1. Glad to see the Pulp City addiction take hold!

  2. Oh its taken hold alright.
    And isnt letting go!


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