Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Supremes soon to Enter Pulp City - Preveiws + Coming Soons

If your a fan of Pulp City already or your just starting to look at the game, there will be things in todays post Im sure will grab your attention.
PC is growing more and more with new Supremes and Minions poping up all over the place. From the Pulp City Forums to thier Facebook Page

Lets start off with the next wave of releases. Due out in October

Crimson Oni

Bringing the kung-fu violence to the Pulp City streets! When one of the shijin, the Phoenix, had fallen to the Black Beast, Oni was there to pick up its feather before the fire died. He got transformed from a martial artist into a divine fighting machine!
A stunning piece of artwork followed by a stunning mini. And I LOVE the fact that his power was increased by taking the still flaming feather from a Pheonix. If you enter the PC forums you will also notice that he is Morfs avatar. So Im sure his rules will be amazing.

Crimson Oni will be accompanied by Foxxy Blade, as they provide the first hints of defiance by the Way of Fist and Blade against the predations of the agents of the Green Empero
r in Little Asia

Foxxy Blade

It was pointed out that the painted mini had the arm attatched wrong, so here is the green in the correct position.

Another very nice mini. With these 2 coming as a box set I know I will be buying it right away. As far as I know they are both Heros. But I havent seen that confimed anywhere yet.

And now the next box set for the October release

Night Fright + Leech

2 Level 1 Necroplane supremes in a single mini. How?
The board and the rider!
You can see thier original artwork in the Pulp City Guide rulebook and again this mini is as good, if not better, than the picture.

And thier box partner

Doom Train

The second picture above is the only one we have seen of the mini so far. But even that teaser shot shows a great model.
And I was that impressed by the original artwork its now even on my mobile. (How sad am I?)
So we have some sort of evil twisted Necroplane version of Iron Train. There are some hints at his rules over on the forums.
Looks like Im buying 2 boxes next month now......

The start of 2012 is also going to see some new Starter Sets from Pulp City.
Instead of the current 5 model per box (Level 8) they will now be 3 per box (level 5). A box each for Heros and Villains.
In each will be.....
2 Level 2 Supremes and 1 Level 1 that will cover 1 Supreme from each power. Nature, Science and Mystery.
Vanilla Hero or Villain models. No Hero/Villains. And with easy to use abilities for people starting off in the game.
2 new Supremes and 1 rescult from the originals with new rules.

Picture time.....

Aurelius (new)

If I could turn my body into gold, I would stop working and live on a yacht in Caribbean. Sell a hair or two once in a while. Aurelius is more ambitious and works 24/7 as a villain alchemist in the new starters.
With art like that, I cant wait to see the mini. The background sounds amazing and Im sure it will be follower with great rules
Nuke 2.0 (resculpt)

Everything evolves. Especially when Mysterious Man has extra funds for the upgrades.

Im already a fan of the original Nuke. And this upgrade looks MEAN!!!!!
He has gone from nuclear reactor to nuclear BOMB!

Ace of Wraiths (or maybe King of?, resculpt)

This is all thats been seen by the public so far. But seeing my favourite EVER super hero is Gambit I know what colours he will be wearing in my collection.

And to finish up for today, a couple more bits of info.
Pulp City are currently working on the 'Pulp City Annual' which will include the rules for using giant Monsters, Elders and Robots in the middle of your cities on 80mm bases. And much more
The Green Emporer is also getting his army ready for the futre. Starting with  Terror Cotta Warriors.

That all for today now folks.
Keep an eye out for the Badger symbol in the sky..........


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