Thursday, 1 September 2011

A BIG Change............

.............. to this little blog.

My reader and veiwers have spoken. And 'Tales of a PP Press Ganger' is now (drumroll..........)
'Tales of a Press Ganger + Tabletop Skirmisher'

I wont be posting any less about Privateers Warmachine and Hordes. My Press Gang tales, PP news and my insane love for all things Mercenary and Minion will continue.
But I will be posting about some others games I am venturing into aswell.

Starting with -

Pulp City - Alternate Earth, Modern day Super Heros v Super Villans. (News, reveiws, minis, games and more.)


Malifaux - Alternate dimension, victorian horror / steampunk. (Mainly the progress of my own Neverborns Lord Chompy Bits, the Dreamer and his Nightmares)

If you like it or if you dont, let me know.
And if you do, Enjoy!

Hendybadger out


  1. Long time Lurker, First time poster! I'm soeaking up about the Pulp city stuff, I've a ton of questions on this system.... hopefully you can answer them ;)

  2. Beermonkey here! Glad to see you expanding your love of gaming. If you've got questions I'm happy to help. Drop by the Pulp City Forums. We love talking Pulp. Any and all questions are welcome. Make sure you link any Pulp related topics here back to our forums for all to see.

  3. I will help with any I can Anton but IM new to it myself.
    The Pulp City forums, like Beermonkey suggests, have been my best friend while starting off and answered every single question I had. (And I had lots)

    I have put a link in my Pulp forum sig now back to here.
    Wont have any Pulp content for a day or 2 but I already have a coupel of posts planned


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