Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Shattered Grounds 4: Sand Narrows @ NCBB

The fourth installment for the 2011 WARMACHINE and HORDES league season comes your way in September! Tour 4 of the 2011 league season finds Cryx, Circle Orboros, Trollbloods, and the Blindwater Congregation unexpectedly squaring off while searching for artifacts in the mysterious Sand Narrows. Some believe the inland beach was a battleground where Toruk slew one of his children, while others say Menoth and the Devourer Wurm clashed here ages ago. All agree, though, that there are secrets and treasures hidden under the sands. Each player who participates in the league will receive a unique Sand Narrows rank insignia patch. Each participating player will receive a final 2011 Shattered Grounds rank insignia patch that adds to the prior patches to form a higher rank. Fear not though, they can be used separately as well. In addition, the league champion will receive a Sand Narrows Championship Coin.

 Sand Narrows Season Rules.pdf52.49 KB
 Sand Narrows League Fiction.pdf986.64 KB
 Sand Narrows League Model Cards.pdf1.27 MB
 Sand Narrows Order Form.pdf139.09 KB

The rules at North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics (Link Top Right>>>) will be a little different this time as Andrew will be running the event. (giving me a chance to fight for the coin)
You can see these rules and sign up for the event on the NCBB Facebook Page or by contacting ncbb@hotmail.co.uk

Please dont foget to check out the cards even if you arnt taking part. You cant miss Epic Reinholdt the Bloody Famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Event progress will be posted as played each week.

Hendybadger out

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