Saturday, 9 February 2013

Dystopian Legions Wave 4 is up. APCS! Plus Dyst Wars and Firestorm

Prussian Empire Sturmwagon APC
Spartan Games have sent out their latest Newsletter this weekend. You can find it >HERE<

First up for the new releases are the stunning Dystopian Leigons wave 4 APCs. (above and below)
One for each force, but each with their own feel. 
Even though my favourite DL forces are the Britannians and the Prussians, I have to say the the American APC appeals to me the most

Kingdom of Britannia General Conveyor APC
Federated States of America Patriot APC
Empire of the Blazing Sun Kote APC

Here you can see a size comparison next to the Prussian Infantry. These are 35mm models on 30mm bases.

Dystopian Wars also has a bunch of new goodies.10 new land armoured vehicles for use with Wars or the new Armoured Clash rules.

If tanks aren't your thing, how about aliens!
The Invaders now have their very own starter box!

To finish of the newsletter, Firestorm Armada gets some love. Some Space Installations and an RSN Starter fleet.

All of this is looking awesome and shows that Spartan Games are still going from strength to strength!
Cant wait to get my paws on those APCs!

For more links and info about these new releases, see the latest Spartan Games Newsletter (link)

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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