Saturday, 2 February 2013

Hendybadger vs Doc Cosmos Challenge - Failed!

The month long challenge between myself and Pulp Citizen is over.
The challenge was to paint up the Hendybadger and Doc Cosmos. Both being our own miniatures.

I failed!
I could real off a load of excuses about time and the lack of it but no. I chose to fail!
Here is how far I managed to get the models and below I will tell you why.

So why did I choose to fail?
These 2 are very limited edition models. As far as I know there are no more than 10 Hendybadgers and 25 Doc Cosmos models in existence.
I am not a great painter, I need a lot more practise. Slightly shaking hands and dodgy eyes don't help the matter.
My painting experience is next to nothing compared to others out there as well. About 40 models in total. The first 25 were flat coloured Tyranids from years ago.
With all this in mind, I choose to leave them where they are for now until I have had some more practise and gained more painting experience so I can make them look as good as possible.
If they were normal everyday models it would have been different, but I cant just strip these or buy a new one if I really mess it up!

I WILL return to them at a later date though. After I have played around with some readily available models for a while.

Apologies Pulp Citizen, but I hope you can understand why I didn't finish them.

Keep an eye out on here for how my painting comes along though. Plan to paints LOTS of Pulp City and Deep Wars models over the next year.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. No worries. Was hoping it would help us both to the finish line. Make sure you show them off when done. :)

    1. I will do.
      Going to paint some others up first though.

      The readers can even pic the models!

  2. I can understand the reason's behind doing it, I felt like that about a few figures though none so rare!

    1. I'm just not confident enough yet to tackle them fully.

  3. Perfectly reasonable thinking, wish I used it more myself. Loving the base colours though :)

    1. I usually just crack on, but couldn't bring myself to do that with these.


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