Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Last Day to Pick the Minis I Paint!

A week ago I posted a chance for readers t vote which models I paint first in my attempt to paint ALL of the Pulp City Range.
You can see the original post >HERE<

The votes currently stand at-
Tritonious - 2
Vector - 2 

Supreme Zed -2  
Blood Rose -3
Foxxy Blade - 2 

Sister Bedlam - 3
Mini Hadron -2  
Captain Hadron -2  
Giant Hadron -2
Apebot -2  
Virus -2  
Howler - 1 
Androida - 1
Nuclear Jones - 1  
Harrier - 1
Kitty Cheshire - 1 
Dr Red - 1   
Lady Cyburn -2
Hellsmith - 1
Red Riding Hoodoo - 1
Mourn - 1 

Today is the last day for you to add votes before I get started.
Check out the Pulp City Store and pick ANY 3 models that you would like to see me paint, then just comment below.

Looking forward to seeing what I will be doing!

Here are a few examples of PC models that you might like to see.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Hellsmith, Red Riding Hoodoo & Mourn all look super cool to me.


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