Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Pulp City Review: Shadow Mask + Tanuki

For part 2 of my Pulp City Reviews, wgere I show off some of the model for the new Supreme Edition Rules,  I will be looking at 2 members of the Jade Cult. The most recent team to enter the city.

Shadowmask and Tanuki

Shadowmask is one of the head assassins for the Green Emperor. Half man and half oni, he can take down hordes of opponents without even being seen.
In the game he is a Level 1 Jade Cult Villain Infiltrator that is fast, brutal and can even create a double of himself to distract the enemy.
Tanuki is a spirit oni that has taken the form of a Raccoon looking creature in Pulp City. Although he works for the Jade Cult he only does it to fulfil his own agendas. He has also been seeing feeding information to local Heroes!
Game wise Tanuki is a Level 1 Jade Cult Hero/Villain Support. A master of luck and focus means he is great at backing up any team.

The box is again very pretty. Full artwork, pained examples, model rules info and background teasers give you everything you need to know when picking it up.
As mentioned yesterday, these boxes may not be around for too much longer as Pulp want to move to individual blisters.

In the box you get 2 metal miniatures, 2 30mm round lipped bases and 2 Stat cards.
While the cards look nice, the new ones for Supreme Edition coming very soon look even better so I wont go into these for now.

Tanuki is a single piece model that is jam packed full of detail. Being a small model I was surprised to find that they had sculpt tons of extra pouches, tubes and different textures on it. Although I think they found a good balance between lots going on and too much going on.
Not a vent or tab to be seen and almost NO mould lines. A near perfect cast if there is such a thing.
How can you not like a magical Eastern Raccoon in a mask?

Shadowmask comes in 3 parts. The main body and separate arms. This model has a lot less on it than Tanuki but Pulp have still managed to pack in tons of detail in the robes, mask and leg wraps.
Due to the pose, the base tab is in a little bit of an odd place and will need to be removed so he can be positioned on something suitable. No other castings issues though. None at all!

After cutting Tanuki off of his base and putting him on a Fenris base topper I managed to get some better pictures. Here you can see that the pose captures a great sense of action without looking out of place.
Magic Raccoon in a mask! That's all I need to say!

Shadowmask was easy to build. The arms are a perfect fit and create a fantastic leaping /slashing pose.
For the base I have once again used Fenris Games toppers. With 2 small sections of wall it gives you an ideal place to stick the small tab on the bottom of his foot so he is dropping down onto a target.
You can see in these shots that he also has 3 metal claws on each hand. Hmm, there's a thought!
Any idea which black and yellow colour scheme I will be going for? ;)

The box for these 2 models is 14E from the Pulp City Store. Around £12 or $18 at the current exchange rate. For 2 character models I think its a great price, better than a LOT of other games.
You also cant go wrong with 7 day delivery for £3 to the UK!

A really nice pair of miniatures here. The detail, quality, cost, poses and everything else are great!
There is only so many times you can say how much you like something. Go and buy them!!!!!

10 out of 10 Badger Points!

Tomorrow I will stay with the 'super' theme but will be looking at at different range. Reapers Chronoscope.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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