Monday, 18 February 2013

Pulp City Review: Crimson Oni + Foxxy Blade

With the new Pulp City Supreme Edition rules now out and in Open Beta I thought it was about time I looked over a few of the models on here.
Massive thanks to the guys at Pulp Monsters who have made this possible!

First up is -

Crimson Oni and Foxxy Blade

Crimson Oni is a master of the martial arts. The 'son' of the Green Emperor is hold the holder of a Phoenix feather that lets him call on the force of the Phoenix itself.
In Game terms he is a Level 2 Hero Brawler that masters the elements.
Foxxy Blade is skilled with all things sharp and can often be found by Onis side. Enemy minions getting in the way? She is the woman to deal with them!
As for rules, Foxxy is a Level 1 Hero/Villain Brawler that has a big advantage over your opponents Minions.

Looking at the box above you can see that the Pulp City packaging is VERY appealing.
It shows you the artwork, painted examples, the Level and recruitment options and even a background teaser.
These boxes may not be around too much longer though as Pulp City is planning to move to single model blisters in the near future.

In the box you get 2 metal models with bases, a stat card for each and a resource card.
I wont go into the cards too much as they are changing over the next few months with Supreme Edition to be more user friendly/

A closer look at Crimson Oni shows the fantastic detail of this single piece mini. At 30mm scale there is only a certain amount of detail you can get on a mini and Pulp City have pushed this to its limits. The clothes, hair and muscles show amazing sculpting and the mini really captures a sense of movement and action.
There are no extra metal tabs or vents to be seen and a VERY slight mould line that can be removed in seconds.

Foxxy Blade is another lovely mini. Although the detail seems less at first look this would be because of the skin tight catsuit. Looking closer shows you that the sculptor has even included the wrinkles around the thighs, arms and knees.
The small blade is a little thin but that just means you need to be a little careful with her or else you will need to keep bending back into position.
Again, no vents or tabs to deal with and only a small mould line.

Foxxys arm fits well but may need a little file to line it up 'exactly' where it should be. I got around this one by using a little extra glue and then filing flat afterwards.
I have chosen to take these off of the tabs and use Fenris Games base toppers so they fit in with the rest of my Pulp City Collection.

If you hadn't guessed, Crimson Oni didn't take a lot of building! I have again cut off the base tab an mounted him on a Fenris base topper. This photos are just another excuse to show off a stunning mini really!
Be careful with the ribbons on his mask though. A little thin so easy to break off if you aren't careful. I don't think it would look right if they were any thicker though.

These models can be found on the Pulp City Store for 14E (Cant find my Euro button)
This is roughly £12 or $18. In my opinion, £6 a model for such high detail and quality is a steal! Not many places can beat that for characters.
Ordering direct from Pulp to the UK isn't as bad as you may think either. My orders have taken around 7 days to arrive for a cost of around £3. Never had anything go missing or any extra charges. 
As good as ordering from some of the big UK online stores. (Better than some)

These model are great. I love Pulp City anyway but looking at the minis on their own they really stand out.
The detail, quality, cost, all brilliant.
The only negative point for me is the arm on Foxxy. Easy to do if you have ever made a model or 2 before though.

9 out of 10 Badger Points!

I will be taking a look at another box tomorrow. The enemies of Oni and Foxxy. Shadowmask and Tanuki.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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