Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Chronoscope Review: Super Heroines

Continuing with my recent 'supers' coverage, today I will be checking out some of the fantastic Reaper Chronoscope models. If you haven't seen it before, the Chronoscope range covers LOADS of different styles and genres from sci-fi to steampunk and underwater to supers. Plus everything in between.

With thanks to Miniature Heroes, the UKs Reaper Stockist, I will be taking a closer look at 3-

Chronoscope Super Heroines

The Chronoscope (CS) models come in clear fronted blister packs. This is great as it lets you see the exact model and condition of it before opening.
All 3 of these lovely ladies are single piece metal miniatures that come with a 30mm round lipped base each.

The Incredible Woman is your generic Super Hero type sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.This model could be used to represent LOADS of different powers or characters.
The model itself is very nice. Not packed full of detail but with a bodysuit on I don't think she needs to be. The hair, face and muscle tone look great. The cast is very clean with no tabs or vents at all and only a tiny mould line that can barely be seen.
You could really go to town on this with painting. Pick out the bands, boots or just freehand your own designs. A painters dream.

Sandwoman is the evil villain of the trio. A great sculpt by Patrick Kieth. Half human and half sand, she can form any shape she needs.
I love this model as it is almost 2 models in 1. On the right you have a general super woman in a bodysuit with a collar and on the left a highly textured shifting sand shape.
Another model that you could really go to town on painting in any scheme you like.
The cast is again very clean. No extra bits of metal or flash and a mould line that could be ignored unless you are very picky.

Here is a great take on the Sandwoman by Jordan Peacock from the Reaper Inspiration Gallery

The third, and my favourite of the bunch, is the hero Torrent. A woman made of water that can take on any foe. A very dynamic sculpt by Patrick Keith shows her flowing into action.
The movement and mix of textures make this a stunning mini. The flow of water moving up into the legs follows through into the arms and even the hair. Unlike the others she is only covered by a small bikini but as she is a water spirit I don't think that is too bad.
A third model with absolutely NO casting issues says good things for the CS line.

This Torrent is from the Reaper gallery and painted by Jim Cook Jr. One of the most stunning paint jobs on the site in my opinion.

The 3 heroines lined up side by side show a little issue with scale. Although being 'supers' that can easily be explained by powers, abilities and poses. They all fit well with other models in the 28-32mm range though.

These models, and tons more, can be found on the Miniature Heroes store in the UK. At only £4.35 a piece I think they are great prices for really nice models. If Miniature Heroes don't have what you want from Reaper, just ask and they can order it in. Great service.

I am really impressed by these models. The sculpts, detail and quality are all as good as you could want.
Even if these 3 aren't to your liking, check out the rest of the Chronoscope range. There is honestly something for everyone there.
I would like to say more about these models but I think they speak for themselves. 

9 out of 10 Badger Points!

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Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Great post! I have Torrent and the Sandwoman, Torrent is primered and that paint job is very inspiring. The Sandwoman is underway, I did all sand so far, not sure if I will add flesh and a suit or what yet. She is on pause right now. I do have to get the other one...she is a nice sculpt and on my to buy list.

    1. Thanks. There are so many nice supers in the CS range.
      Looking forward to seeing yours

  2. Nice review. The chronoscope supers have been on my wishlist for a while too!

    1. Cheers.
      I highly recommend picking them up. Great models.


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