Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A Closer Look at Arkham Asylum

Hi all!
I did say I would give you a better look at the wonderful Arkham Asylum from Knight Models so here we are.
I have set up a little sample game so you can see how big it is compared to the minis from the Batman Minis Game. I will also state again that this is a 'prototype' and not the final kit so you will see a couple of areas where I have tweaked it a little. These have been reported back to KM and have been fixed already for production.

Guarding the front gate are a pair of angels. The base of the one on the right looks a little off as I wanted the wings on each to be central. It's an impressive entrance.

Inside the courtyard are a couple of watch towers. The Arkham guards are always armed a willing to stop an escapees. You may recognise these towers from the Arkham City game island.

Joker, Harley and a couple of goons walk out of the front door. I have added an extra step in front of the door to cover a small gap that was there.

The Green Arrow and his trusty Sidekick Speedy are perched on the roof ready for trouble.
Just to the right of Speedy you can see a small arch I have added to the parapet to cover another small gap.

Two Face and the Riddler climb out on to the balconies for a better look at the courtyard.
Beside the fence here there are a couple of panels i have added that could become electrical boxes. These cover a couple of holes the fences didn't quite line up to.

Another look at the front steps with Harley happily strolling towards the police.

The watchtowers are the perfect vantage point for Batman. He can zip up to them and even duck away in the guards hut if needed for extra cover.

The towers also have more than enough room to move around for a full view of the area.
I had to add the Arkham City Batmobile in the middle as that's where it spends most of the game parked.

Shortly after taking these photos, I got carried away with spray cans.
Lots more to do yet, but it's starting to take shape.

More soon,


  1. It looks really impressive, but how do you think it's going to work as a game board? Is the player holding the Asylum end going to be able to pick off their opponent at leisure?

    I suppose narratively it will make more sense with villains breaking out and heroes holding the gate.

    1. The scenarios that come with it have the criminals trying to escape the via the gate and the Heores trying to stop them.
      For standard games I'm going to add more to hide and duck behind in the courtyard. Vehicles, crates, signs and such.

  2. Will the scenarios be available online, or only with the Asylum package?

    1. Not sure. I'll try and find it for you.

    2. Any luck finding out about the scenarios being made available ?

    3. Heard today that they will be out when the Asylum is released, but they are not sure if they will be online yet it not.


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