Thursday, 30 July 2015

Little Heroes for Little Heroes Charity Fundraiser

Between August and the end of October, ToaTS will be running a charity fundraiser for the Downs Syndrome Association.

The reason behind this is that out son was born just under two years ago with Downs Syndrome and several associated medical problems.
Over the last couple of years we have been amazed at the support and back up there is out there for children with DS. Between the Portage workers, hospital staff and therapists they cover every worry and need you may have.
Because of all this we want to give something back and ToaTS seems like the ideal platform to do that.

The idea behind Little Heroes for Little Heroes is that people donate painted Hero miniatures and they all get auctioned off with every penny going to the Downs Syndrome Association.
As an added incentive, we are hoping a few gaming companies will help us out with some goodies. These will be given away as prizes for things like best painted, most raised, highest donation and such. Some could even be auctioned off as well.
A couple of companies like Impudent Mortal and Multiverse Gaming have already stepped forward with goodies including terrain and paint racks.

If this sounds interesting to you please spread it around. The more gamers and companies that see this and take part, the more we raise for a fantastic cause!!!!!

More on this soon.
- Hendybadger


  1. As I live in Belgium I can't attend to the auction.
    But I sure wouldn't mid painting a superhero and contribute to a good cause.
    Does it matter which system or manufacturer they are from, or scale (15mm - ...)?

    1. The auction will be worldwide so everyone can take part.
      And range is fine.

  2. How would one go about donating a figure?

    1. Paint up what ever you want to and the details to send them in will be up in the next couple of weeks.

  3. Well, i have heard plaintive cries from the cupboard of doom that sound like classic Harely Quinn. "Aw c'mon puddin'. Just paint me already!" Does she count?


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