Tuesday, 7 July 2015

HUGE Arkham Asylum Giveaway!

Knight Models are having a HUGE giveaway over on the Arkham City Limits Facebook Group.
To celebrate the group breaking 1500 members, Knight are offering up an entire Arkham Asylum kit!

All you need to do it head over to Arkham City Limits, find the above picture (at the top) and comment on it answering this questions.

Batman has admitted you to Arkham Asylum. Why?

Giveaway ends on Aug 10th.
Good Luck!

- Hendybadger


  1. Sigh, another Facebook contest :(

    1. You could always make a 'gaming' profile.
      There are some great communities and such on there.

  2. I wish KM would support their forum as well. There's a smaller but very dedicated group of players there who would love to be in on something like this.

    1. I'm sure they will do something on the forum as well at some point. This is just to mark a landmark on the FB group. nothing stopping forum members entering.

  3. Are the fences seperately from the building and can they be bought or ordered somewhere ?


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