Sunday, 5 July 2015

Batman Scenery Review - Construction Set and Dumpsters

Hi all!
I think it's about time that I catch up with some of my Knight Models reviews.
Over the next few weeks I will be look at 3-4 months worth of Batman and Marvel releases. Some on here and some over on the Wayland Games Blog.

I'm going to start off today with a bit of MDF scenery. The Construction Set and Dumpsters for the Batman Minis Game.

Both of these sets come packed in clear bags with a Batman topper. These bags mean you can see exactly what you are getting before you even leave the store or open it.
They also each include some very handy building instructions. Something a few of the MDF kits out there at the moment are missing.

The Dumpsters come as a set of two on identical sheets while the Construction Set is split between two sheets. These sheets include two skips (one Wayne, one Queen), a Wayne pallet, and a pair of barriers.
The Construction Set came off of the sheet really easily while the Dumpsters needed to have a craft knife run around the back of the parts lightly to remove them. Not too bad as it's something you often expect to do while building this sort of scenery.

Time to glue!

These Dumpsters were very easy to build with the instruction sheet handy. Each section is a couple of layers thick to add raised detail and the fronts have Gotham City cut into them to add a little extra of a 'Batman' feel to your board.
The only thing to watch out with this is the pin that runs through the back of the lids. You will need to run a file over the mould lines to get a good fit. When you do though, it lets you open or position the lids however you like. Another nice little touch.

The pair of Skips that come on the Construction Set were an easy build. You make the main structure and then add the details on top. This makes them very sturdy and strong.
While both are the same design, they have different logos on. One for Wayne Enterprises and one for Queen Industries. Batman's and the Green Arrow's own companies that are involved in several industries in the DC world.

The other items in the Construction Set are the two barriers and the Pallet. The barriers just need the feet gluing on so are beyond simple. They are handy to place around the board though.
The Pallet took a little more work as each strip attaches to roughly three others. Little bits of glue and a bit of patience is needed for this one but it looks fantastic when finished with a Wayne Enterprises logo displayed across the top.

So, how do they scale against the miniatures?

The answer? Really well! These bits of scenery are ideal for blocking paths, adding cover to duck behind and increasing your chances of a 'Ping' roll when being shot at.
The logos also also help make your board feel and look like an actual DC setting.

To buy these kits you are looking at around £4.80 for the Dumpsters and £7.99 for the Construction Set. Prices from Wayland Games.
While they aren't the cheapest scatter terrain on the market, for the quality I think they are a fair price.

Overall I would give them-

Dumpsters - 7/10 Badger Points

Construction Set - 8/10 Badger Points

What do you think of them?
Good additions to a board or not?

More scenery coming soon.
- Hendybadger


  1. They look great. Time for paint now :)

    1. For once, these are almost done. Just need to fill in the logos and weather them a bit now.


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