Saturday, 19 January 2013

Review: AE WWII Soviet Psi Starter Force by Blackball Games

Hi again readers.
It's finally time for my third AE: WWII review for Blackball Games
I know there has been abit of a break between these but sooo much has come up recently.
Today we will be having a look at the -

Soviet Psi Starter Force
 The Soviet Psi force comes in AE WWIIs usual packaging. The front shows full colour photos of everything included. When you turn the pack over you can see that the models are separated into individual compartments. This is a great thing as it lets you see all of the parts before you buy which most starter sets don't do.
Inside the box you will find a sheet with the AE WWII Quick Start rules on one side and the model stats for the ones in the set on the others.
Model wise you get 3 Chumans, a Psi Officer, 2 Guard and a Politruk. All cast in metal and supplied with 30mm bases.
Lets have a closer look at the models.

Chumans, part man part ape. A vicious opponent on the battlefield

The Chumans come with 3 bodies from 2 different designs. With those are 4 sets of arms and 3 heads.
The fact these are multipart models means you can mix the parts in any way you want to is a wonderful thing. You could have 20+ Chumans with every single model being different.
There are slight mould lines around the parts but nothing that can easily be removed with a quick file.

I like the style and look of the Chumans. They may need a pin to keep the arms and head sturdy but I am impressed by them.

Psi Officer and Politruk

The Psi Officer and Politruk are the leaders of your Soviet Psi force (as far as I can tell anyway)

As these 2 models are quite similar I thought I would cover them together. Politruk in on the left and Officer on the right.
Both of these models come with multiple options. Weapons, heads, arms and equipment. They look to be interchangeable as well so that is a lot of options to give you the model you want.
The detail on these models is very nice. Lots of body detail but not too much that the model gets lost.
The arms have some mould lines that will need a bit of work but otherwise they are good quality

The Soviet troops. The bulk of your forces.

The Soviet Guards, like the other models in this box, come with several options.
Want a rifle corps? Some pistol assault soldiers? No problem!
The detail and quality of these is nice. Minimal mould lines or tabs. I do think the design is a little basic though compared to the Chumans and Officers. But then these are core troops. The aren't going to get all the goodies.

Price - As I have said before, Blackball Games sent me this kit to review. This means I cant really comment on the price personally but as its on the box I can give my thoughts.
$33 or £22 for a starter of 7 multi part metal minis and QS rules. Now that's good! I wouldn't think twice about picking a set up again.

Overall - I do like this Soviet set. Although the force isn't totally to my own taste, I just cant fault the style, detail, quality and content.
I would recommend these to anybody interested in any Weird or WWII games

8 out of 10 Badgers Points

More to come........................

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Thanks for reviewing these, Ian. I've picked up a couple but they still reside in the great untouched mountain of lead.

  2. Chumans????? I may need to have these.... just to add to my selection of anthropomorphised apes...

    looks like a nice pack, plenty of options..... they look a little "fiddly" to put together? although probably not as awkward as some malifaux I have done...

    cheers for the review.

    1. They would make awesome ARC Minions!
      The parts are a touch small so I suggest taking your time and getting some tweezers

  3. Not liking these as much as the US ones the poses seem off to me.

    1. Out of the 3 sets I have covered, my favourites would have to be the US Tech as well


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