Wednesday, 2 January 2013

January Challenge - Hendybadger VS Doc Cosmos

My good buddy Pulp Citizen from the Pulp Citizen Blog has challenged me.

Back in March my amazing wife, the Galley Wench, organised for the Pulp City team to draw, sculpt, cast and write rules for my very own Hendybadger Supreme to use in games of Pulp City
Pulp Citizen also had his own model commissioned this year. The Supreme Doc Cosmos

Each of use have a copy of the others model.
This led the Citizen to offer a challenge.
Between Jan 1st and Jan 31st we both have to paint both models.
Even though I am teaching myself how to paint again I stupidly took him up on it. Both blogs will be posting the progress of the models.

Whats at stake? Only international humiliation if we don't make the deadline!!!!!!!!!
(and maybe Supreme Edition rules for the Hendybadger?)

Here is what I am starting with.
The base toppers and brick details are from Fenris Games
The first hurdle will be replaced the piping from Docs costume on his right hand side (your left) as it was lost in casting.
Why is this a hurdle? Well, I have only worked with Green Stuff once before and it didn't go well. To top it off my hands are massive and the piping in tiny!

Keep checking back here and on the Pulp Citizen Blog to see how we get on.

Any ideas for colour schemes?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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