Sunday, 6 January 2013

Discount Deep Wars Minis, New Stat Cards and the Giant Angler Fish!!!!

Antimatter Games have posted a great update for Deep Wars.
A 'Pre Order Pledge' system letting your get cheaper minis and help unlock new ones and Stat Cards for every other model that has been released since the Stater Sets

I will be 'Chipping In' myself in a couple of weeks for more goodies and I really hope that the total will have reached $500 by then so I can add a couple of Giant Angler Fish

Here is the full announcement from Antimatter with all the info you need to get hold of the cards and get involved in the pledges.

"The Mini-Kickers for DeepWars went really well considering it was only two weeks. There were some that could not join in though, and so we ran a very short "Chip-in" pledge drive that helped some folks join in. It was right during the holidays though, so everyone was tapped out. We are reinstating the "Chip-in" pre-order pledge manager so that backers can add to their Mini-Kicker pledges or new backers can join in to help unlock some additional miniatures, like the Giant Anglerfish. The "Chip-in" can be found on the AntiMatter site here. All pledges are done through Paypal.

In other news, we are making cards for all miniatures now, so they are taking a few days longer to get together. This helps us finish the casting of new minis though, so hopefully folks will not mind waiting a bit more.

Here are the links to the sets of cards for figures available this month. A couple of figures are in progress but we hope to have them done soon.

 Download the PDF to get the full card. The PDF has them all has them set up to be cut out and folded to make cards with front and back."

They have also added a stunning WIP of the Dagathonan Brute for the Scaly Horde!

Head over to the Antimatter Games page and get in on this awesome game while it is on offer!
(That means you Gavin)

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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  1. I think it`s lucrative offer that should be availed.....


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