Thursday, 3 January 2013

Pulp City Monsters - Model Ideas

In my Pulp City Monsters rules review a few days ago I spoke about looking a models you could use for the Characters in the book and maybe some you could build your own rule around.

I will start off with the 9 Monsters that have stats in the book, then the other official Monsters mentioned in the fluff and then some I just like the look of to build rules around.
The rough rules I like to follow for picking these are-
1- At least 4 inches tall
2- Must fit on an 80mm base
3- Looks like it could destroy a city in a comic book

If you have any more ideas, please comment below

Stats in book - (only 4 use the official kit btw)

Terrorsaur - Humanoid Dino created by Mysterious Man. Official Pulp City Kit using dino head and tail

Ulthar Cyclopes - Creature used by the Ulthat invasion forces. Official PC kit using Cyclopes head, trident and fins

Ging Gong - Ancient giant ape. Ape Lord by Reaper Miniatures

Soul Golem - Either Necroplane or Forgotten creation. Official PC kit, Devil or Cyclopes head and some converting

The Controller - Amorphous blog that controls minds - Shoggoth from Fenris Games

Dread Sleeper - aka The Old One. Official PC kit using C'thul head and wings

Protobot - High Powered alien robot - MkII Sentinel from Heroclix

Necroplane Harvester - Other dimensional, soul sucking UFO. Area 51 UFO from Pegasus Hobbies with added tentacles

Byte Dragon - The mighty alternate form of CORE. Clockwork Dragon from Reaper

Mentioned in PC background -

Quilong - Ancient Chinese Dragon. Chinese Dragons from Arcane Legions. Suggested by Ron

Grandfather Tiger - Great Cat. NO IDEA about models yet.

Phoenix - Legendary fire bird. Doesn't fit the fluff exactly but I love the Dark Pheonix from Heroclix. Know of any other good Phoenix minis?

Chimpanzer - Robo Monkey driven by Virus. MechaGor Vehicle from Old Glory Superfigs

Ulthar Scout Ship - The leaders of the Invasion. TR-E UFO from Atlantis Models

Wytchbot - Mix of tech and the arcane, used by the Coven. No idea what to use at the moment

Jade Cult Yeti - Big icy beast. Snowbeast from Crocodile Games. Suggested by John and Mecha Ace

Ulthar Rhinor - Alien quadruped sent into a rage by blood. Ogre mount from Games Workshop? Other GW monsters could work in the game as well

Grimm Bioconstruct - Terrible giant beast, a failed creation. Blood Maw Vore from Bane Beasts. 

I just like the look of these and want to use the 'Build Your Own' rules for them -

Alternate Dread Sleeper or Old One - Old One from Reaper Miniatures

Evil Byte Dragon - Evil mirror created by Dr Tenebrous. Steam Dragon from Armorcast

Alternate Protobots / Sentinels - MkI and MkV from Heroclix

GALACTUS!!!!! - Why wouldn't you? Another Heroclox colossal

Dormmamau - The greatest Elder? Heroclix again

Iron Monger - Nice robot and its just a Marvel plastic toy

Talos - Bronze Colossus from Bane Beasts

Dagon - By Fenris Games

Undead Dragon - Reapers Kaladrax

Robo Insect - Mantis Tank by Blight Wheel Minis

Evil Villains Bot - Prussian Faust, soon to be released for Dystopian Legions by Spartan Games

Toxic Suit - Abomination from Dark age

Mole Monster - Heroclix Giganto

Underground Monster - Subterrainian Horror from Kaiju Khaos

Ancient Alien - Heroclix Ziran the Tester

Watcher and Protobot Creator - Uato and Master Mold from Heroclix. Front row second and third

Dragon and Experiment - Fin Fang Doom and Dr Manhatan from Heroclix. If you couldn't tell, Heroclix is a GREAT source for Monsters

War Tripod - War of the Worlds by Pegasus

Tentacled Beast - from Blackball Games. Suggested by Melvin

Alien Bio Armour - Trollforged Miniatures (not sure if its out yet)

Panzer Mecha - Secrets of the Third Reich. Suggested by Black Smoke

Which are your favourites and what other models would you add?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Some of those are interesting. I'll maybe get round to trying out the monster rules one day.

    Could use the Wendigo from Crocodile Games as the snow beast.

    1. The Monster rules are a whole lot of fun. Give a entire new feel to the game.

      That Wendigo is stunning. Added to the list!

  2. Bookmarked for later reference!

  3. Perhaps the WestWind Secrets of the Third Reich mecha would suit a robot.


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