Friday, 10 August 2012

Upcoming WarmaHordes Events in Devon + Cornwall

Since becoming a Press Ganger again I have been hunting out Warmachine and Hordes events in the area.
Even helped plan a couple.

So I thought I would give the upcoming events abit of a shout out on here. Hopefully some of you might be able to make it along.

August 18th

The official Summer Rampage event will be heading for the Giant's Lair in Plymouth, Devon.
Starting at 9am there will be an entire day of casual play using the Summer Rampage using rules found >>HERE<<
£5 entry fee to cover the cost of the amazing coins!

September 1st
Troll Trader is opening a new store in the area this month and wants to kick the WarmaHordes scene off with a 25pt Steamroller.
Full Details-

Troll Trader Warmachine + Hordes Tournament

Sept 1st
Troll Trader
7b New Bridge Street

25pt Warmachine and Hordes Steamroller tournament
£5 entry fee. To pay on the day in store or before via paypal to
4 rounds
Using SR2012 rules and scenarios. Found here -
No reinforcements

What you will need
1 25pt List (bring 2 copies)
2x50mm Objectives
2x40mm Flag objectives
All models, dice, cards, pens, templates etc needed for play.

1st- £40 store credit
2nd - £25 store credit
3rd - £15 store credit
(Prizes based on 16 players attending. Higher if more play, lower if less)
Registration opens at 10am. First round at 11pm

September 15th

WarmaHordes......... What if?............

What if....Haley had been taken away, rather than Deneghra?

What if... Kharchev turned from the Motherland at his capture at Cryx hands?

What if...Everblight and it`s forces got absorbed by Toruk.

Now you can play these and many more What if? scenarios out.

The Giant`s Lair presents.......

What if?

A Warmachine/Hordes 1 day event.
25pt Random Warcaster/Warlock Steamroller Tournament

Full details at the GL Forum here -
So that's the plans for the next few weeks.
Hope to see some of you there. Going to be some great events.
Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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