Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Badgers Booty - 22/08/12

Hi all,
Just a quick 'Badgers Booty' tonight as I have a game sitting waiting for me.

What do you think of these?

 The basic game will have humans and Orx, with booster teams, Forgefathers and Veer-myn.

The players will be categorized as "strong brawler," "field player," and "fast player." A player will have four stats.

Here's a leaked list that's currently circulating (take with a pinch of salt):
NYA MGE DBF11-1 DB Midgard Delvers $24.99
NYA MGE DBF70-1 DB Forge Father MVP $9.99
NYA MGE DBH11-1 DB Trontek 29er's $24.99
NYA MGE DBH70-1 DB Human MVP $9.99
NYA MGE DBM01-1 Dreadball Futuristic Sports Game $79.99
NYA MGE DBO11-1 DB Greenmoon Smackers $24.99
NYA MGE DBO70-1 DB Goblin MVP $9.99
NYA MGE DBV11-1 DB Skittersneak Stealers $24.99
NYA MGE DBV70-1 DB Veer-myn MVP
You'll notice that there is a Goblin MVP rather than an Orx one and that the Veer-myn MVP has no MSRP, the lists I've found don't have it. Supposedly, the minis will be plastic and either one piece or snap-fit, but looking at some of the prices, I'm thinking some will be metal

Those bikes are 28mm scale!!!!!!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! (To try out some ARC)

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