Wednesday, 25 July 2012

WarmaHordes Summer Rampage Returns! + New Errata

The much loved Warmachine and Hordes Summer Rampage has returned for 2012.
Privateer Press announced it today with the play kits available from August 1st.

Official Announcement-

Summer Rampage roars back to life in 2012 as an open-play event! Bounties, Finishing Moves, and Rampages all return as warjacks and warbeasts wreak havoc during a grueling array of tumultuous trials and multiplayer mayhem. Introduced in 2007 as the first organized-play event pitting WARMACHINE and HORDES players against each other, the format focused heavily on warjack-on-warbeast combat. Mixed WARMACHINE/HORDES events soon became the norm, and Summer Rampage evolved into a short-format league with global map effects. For the fifth anniversary of Summer Rampage, the event will once again focus on Bounties, Finishing Moves, and Rampages.

The Summer Rampage 2012 Event Kit will be available August 1 and supports any number of players. The kit contains awards for Artisan, Arcane Mechanik, Beast Handler, Dominator, and Rampager.

The rules and ordering info can be found >>HERE<<
The Prize kit is stunning. Check it out.
Cant wait to give this event a go. Some of the finisher moves look like fun.
Hopefully we will be seeing the event at the Giants Lair over the next couple of months.

PP have also posted a new and updated Errata. Not too much has changed, just a couple of clarifications.
Worth checking out though to see what effects your own forces.
You can find it HERE on the PP Forums

Off to the Lair again tomorrow so I will see you all again at the weekend.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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