Saturday, 28 July 2012

Badgers Booty - Gaming News - 28/7/12

Hi again all, the Badger has reclaimed his port after yesterdays raid.
Welcome to the second Badgers Booty. Gaming news that grabs my interest.
(click any pics to view larger)

First up is a little teaser image from Pulp City

This image was posted on the Citizens of Pulp City Facebook Group and has been mentioned as a new Hero. Could it be one of the 'bigger' 3D sculpted minis that have been spoken about?
The Battlesuit will either be an indy Hero or part of the announced Classic Supremes US team.
2 names were also thrown around. Tomcat and Battlesuit 7. Which ever this is, there will be the other in the future.

Next up are a couple of images that have been floating around the net over the last couple of days.

Pictures of Eiryss 3. A great looking concept with the option of different heads. A nice touch that I hope will continue in future Privateer Press releases.

There was an awesome announcement from Wyrd Miniatures yesterday. New Neverborn and Malifaux is going PLASTIC!!

With Malifaux minis going plastic I think this will be a draw to a lot of new players. I have recently started myself and with the above new minis I already want to start a second Faction. Some very twisted looking things but I think that's the attraction.

Deepwars from AntiMatter Games is coming together very nicely after their successful Kickstarter campaign.
In the last week they have posted some preview pictures of the 4 Starter Sets.

From top to bottom you have the Fortune Hunters, Dark Mariners, Ancients of Atalan and the Scaly Horde.
Being a Skirmish game set under the water I am really looking forward to picking the minis and rules up.
Think I'm going to start with the Fortune Hunters and Dark Mariners

 A little bit of Blog news as well today.
Expect to see a new BIG Supreme competition in the next few days.
There are also going to be more videos from the Badgers Wench soon  (see yesterdays post)

A couple of questions for my readers as well
If you could pick a mini for me to paint which would it be from -
1) The entire Pulp City range?
2) Any Warmachine Merc Pirates?

Finally for today with have a bit of news that isn't tabletop gaming.


The trailer below is probably not safe for work or children. Or people with a nervous disposition. Or older people. Or people in general.
But you NEED to watch this!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. I'm excited about the Deadpool game, no matter how bad it is it's written by one of the writers who's run(s) on the comics that I quite enjoyed... Just a pity we have to wait so long!

    1. I havent seen the release date yet. How long do we have to wait?

  2. The AntiMatter models are looking good there! Even if I don't get into the game there I can see myself grabbing a few of them just to paint up.. cheers for the references here.

    1. The same here. Although I would like to get into the game if I can


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