Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Something Old and Something New

With the blog hitting the recent landmark of 100K hits (the giveaway is still going on HERE) I decided it was time I mixed things up abit. On the blog and in my personal hobby. The 'Supers' gaming will stay but other games will be added to it.

First up I have decided to return to where this blog started.......
After not playing Warmachine for a long, long time I have dug out the old army.
A lot of things were cleared out when our little boy arrived but I still have 50-60pts of Talion Charter Mercs.
To be more precise, A Pirates Life - Shae Tier 4

Captain Shae
3 x Nomad (converted to the pirate theme, pics below)
Commodore Cannon
First Mate Hawk
Bosun Grogspar
Lord Rockbottom
Dirty Meg
Doc Killingsworth
Aiyana and Holt
Full Sea Dogs inc 3 Riflemen and Mr Walls
2 x 6 Press Gangers

A great force that takes a lot of hits to take down and dishes out even bigger hits itself.
With Shae being the least played Caster of the least played Faction they are also a surprise to anybody that doesn't face them on a regular basis.
Here are my converted Privateer Nomads and the paint scheme on my Buccaneer.

The pic of the Bucc doesn't really do it justice. My best paintjob I have ever done in my opinion.

I'm going to get some practise in with this force and maybe even take it to a couple of tournaments and events.
But then what?
I want to expand with some more Jacks, Bart, Fiona, filling out the units and getting some more key Solos.
Then there's GALLEON!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!
At a push I may even grab some Searforge for Shaes new NQ Tier List.

After expanding the Mercs I want to look at the NQ Tier List for Skarre as I was given her model recently.
A mix of Merc and Cryx Pirates. I LOVE the Cryx Revenants and cant wait to get my hands on some.
Im already sure that this will lead onto a full Cryx Pirate force with Blackbanes, Black Ogrun, Epic Skarre, Satyxis, Terminus and Crab Jacks.

MAYBE after that I might look at Hordes again.
I did have a Blindwater Gator force but I lost interest in them after a while. That was before the new additions in Domination though.
If I do go for Hordes it will be a return to the Blindwater Gators and the addition of Thornfall Farrow.

But for now its pirates all the way.

Then theres the something new......

I tried to get into Malifaux a while ago with a Dreamer / Lord Chompy Bits crew.
I collected EVERYTHING they could have. Including the nightmare additions. But I soon discovered they were a very tricky crew to learn with.
This put me off the game and the crew was sold in what has come to be know as 'The Great Purge'

I recently started going to a local store called the Giants Lair. They have a regular (Rich) who is a Malifaux Henchman and has been trying to talk me into trying the game out again.
Still unsure on it, Rich offered me a full crew in trade for afew models I was getting rid of anyway.Ok, I'm in!

And this is where I will begin.

The Viktorias
Convict Gunslinger
Ronin x3
Von Schill
Friekorps Librarian

A good solid base to learn and play according to the Henchman.
I had a look at the other models in the Outcasts range and with abit of helpful advice I have decided to add a couple of options to play about with and swap in and out.
Student of Conflict (meant to be a great addition)
Hamelin (has my families dog)
Sue (who can say no to a flaming guitar?)
Hans (meant to be another great addition)

From this start I will get as many games in as I can and she how I get on with the game and the crew.
It may just end there! But, and theres always a but, What if it doesn't?
What if I end up really liking the game?
Will I get more Outcasts? Move to another Faction? (I like the look of the Arcanists and Neverborn)
Who knows? Only time will tell I guess.

Keep an eye out here to see what happens with both games.
How I get on, my modelling and painting (and probably converting), any new additions and any events.

Until next time True Believers.....

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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