Sunday, 8 July 2012

The 'Super' 100,000 Giveaway Winners are.....

Ok, I know this is a day late but something came up last night.

Before I announce the winners I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Pulp Monsters, Miniature Heroes , Black Hat Minis and Knight Models for their amazing donations to this giveaway.
And to all the people who have entered, followed and shared this great landmark.

A selection of people have read the comments and picked and scored their favourites. (didn't want to be bias as I know some entrants)

And the winners (and winning comments) are-----

 Pulp City Postcards - set 1
Christopher Sheets
I should win this prize because there are monkeys involved. MONKEYS!!!! And Apes! I LOVE monkeys, and apes. All types of simians, from old-world, long-tailed critters to super-evolved examples sporting hats, cigars, chain-guns or cybergear. MONKEYS!!!

I love monkeys.

Yep, sure do. Monkeys and apes. Gibbons, chimps, orangutans, colobus, any and all. And Pulp City has some incredible examples.

Yep, I love me some monkeys.


 Pulp City Postcards - Set 2
I've been actively trying to "save" my local community from the evil overlord named General Wantallyourmoney. The General's word is widespread and his influence strong. He's convinced many of his followers that his worlds are the only worlds and that all others are pretenders to his throne. They accept this and continue to pay the heavy and increasing "taxes" he demands of them. When I dare to speak otherwise, say that their are others that could lead us, I'm usually met with ridicule, his followers say his way is the only way and run me off into the dark cold streets (or at least make me sit at the table in the back by myself). I need some help. Perhaps a team of superheroes can save the day. The General doesn't have superheroes.

Pulp City Postacards - Set 3

I think I should win because I have always wanted to be a super villain it appeals to me on a very basic level. How so you may ask well let me explain;

1) I like to laugh
2) I need an excuse to grow an interesting beard/mustache
3) I can do a mean monologue
4) Dressing up is fun
5) Spandex/Leather is even more fun
6) I have started creating my own minions (the word 'daughter' is so 18th century)
7) I have access to the most destructive force in the world (A wife with innate ability to break electronic devices)!!!
8) Spandex/Leather is great fun
9) I have a swivel chair
10)I like Spandex/Leather

So as you can see from these 10 points. All I am missing from achieving super villainy greatness is either;
a) super powers
b) An inactive volcano
c) Minis to let me practise

 Black Hat Male and Female Supers
There are many reasons why I should win, thus making my life easier, I'll give the top ten!

10) My children are referred to as "The Dangergirls"; one can make a ear-bursting sonic squeal, and the other can literally run faster than lightening.
9) I can finally turn off the spot light on the roof with the monkey face pattern on it.
8) I smoke bombed the house three times this year.
7) I tasered myself four...
6) I can leap small buildings with a single bound, winning this contest means I won't have to jump over the girl's doll house anymore.
5) My cape won't get stuck in the van's doors when I go on my rounds.
4) I know first hand that while one will see stars when hit, you will not see cool words like "Biff!" or "Pow!".
3) I can't use my heat vision because I wear glasses and it melts them.
2) It's hard to remain brave when the thugs start shooting.
1) I can keep my dignity and remain intimidating while wearing my underwear outside of my wife's tights and a t-shirt with a banana on it, just saying.

So yeah, I should win. This will make life easier while keeping it just as action packed!

 70mm Gandalf
Casey Vandenburg
Once upon a time there were two gamers that put on a gaming display at P.A.W in Plymouth they were minding their own business when suddenly they noticed a game at a nearby table with cars and buildings and... superheroes !

beside the table was a tall slender man with a very shifty look about him , he was obviously up to no good. he approached the two gamers and said "please you come and play our game yes?" the two handsome gamers refused saying they couldn’t possibly as they were so busy but he says to them ,"Please... They have my family, if you do not play my game THEY will hurt them PLEASE you play yes!????"

so out of fear for a helpless family they agreed to play his game, this game he introduced as Pulp City . need we say more...? of course we do . once these two gamers had played his little game they were hooked the EVIL Dr Hendybadger had snared two more innocents and this time he had wisely snared a chairman and a treasurer of the Brixham Berzerkers gaming club !!!

after just 1 game of Pulp City these two new Hendybadger henchmen went out and bought 2 x 12 point teams at salute 2012 where they were guided by their new evil overlord who was there in disguise as loving husband and father ,how despicable I hear you cry!!
They then went on to buy £190 worth of Sarrissa buildings and then lowest of all they convinced two more innocent club members to purchase a starter set each !!!!
Yes our two gamers had travelled fully to the dark side in some vile pyramid style scheme and to this date they have still only played the one fateful game of Pulp City !
All they require to take over their club in the name of Dr Hendybadger and Pulp City, is a rule book and shiny new figures for the clubs use ,then more shall be enticed and corrupted then the two gamers shall start a gaming display of destruction at other clubs corrupting more and more innocents into the vile henchmen of the evil Dr Hendybadger!

so you see now why this prize is so important ?
It would be used as a tool to corrupt more people into the world of Pulp City
I AM one of those two gamers ..... the better looking one
PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THIS GAME OVER THE ENTIRE GLOBE ..... you see...... they have our families.... they will hurt them if you don’t.

 70mm Joker
Dearest Hendybadger,
I would love to win this competition, as since i've been playing Pulp City I have fallen in love with it! I've only had a few games but i think its the most fun i've had since the incident with the nuns, whipped cream and bicylce pump (good times!) I've even written you a short poem to put across my feelings!

A Gamers Request - by GreyLamb

One morning I awoke and logged on the net,
Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher - always a good bet.
My eyes at once chanced on a post,
Written by Hendybadger, the generous host.
In honour of reaching 100,000 hits,
A competition was launched, one not to miss!

At once I set out, mission in mind, to link and click wherever I could find,
Twitter, Facebook my Blog and on forums,
news of this comp was posted ad nauseum.
To raise my chances of maximum points,
I’ve spread the word all over the joint!

Whoever can post the top rated comment, be it witty or funny,
would receive in the post a prize greater than money!
Supremes! heroes and villains, minions of Pulp City
Are the reason I’ve chosen to write this ditty.

I’m hoping that my poetry succeeds,
In alerting the world to my Pulp City needs.
Much as I love Solar, Nuke and Guerilla
a new starter box would be a big thriller!
So I leave you with a parting thought,
Make me the winner, don’t leave me with naught!

 Pick Your Own Lvl6 Pulp City Team
Precinct Omega
Night falls upon the city and I emerge from my lair.

Rapidly, I ascend to the rooftops, cloaked in darkness, and crouch upon the precipice looking down at the life beneath me. They seem so small from up here. Not like ants, but like models: like little metal figurines. I collect them, paint them, care for them... then I pit them against one another in a never-ending conflict for my own amusement.

But this entertainment grows stale. It has been many years since I began the game. Now I look upon the teeming crowds of little people, milling far beneath me, so tiny. When once they seemed fascinating, now they seem drab. When once their capering efforts were thrilling, now they are tiresome. I could dispose of them. I could move on to some, other amusement. Or I could add some... colour.

What they need is a really exciting threat! A mechanical ape? A band of ninja gophers? Perhaps a cabal of mad scientists? But this would need something to stand against it. It would need... heroes! Colourful men and women in bright spandex with improbable powers and preposterous alter egos!

I tighten my grip upon the parapet as a smile stretches bright across my face, like the slash of a dagger. Yes. That is exactly what this city needs. And now... Now I know exactly where to get it...

 Chronoscope Heroes, Villains and Worm
Lisa Dee
Some men enjoy watching sports, drinking, and bar hopping on the weekends to help wind down from a long, stressful week at work. But no, not my husband.

He chooses to spend his free time being immensely nerdy. He has a group of friends (also big ginormous nerds) who help him embrace and celebrate said nerdiness through a variety of tabletop games. Him and his friend even built a custom game table that easily fits on my kitchen table so they do not get "in trouble" for rearranging the house and getting in my way.

He is also a great husband and daddy, but those attributes are not nearly as important as his vast knowledge of nerdlieness. Please help me help him by furthering his future nerdman endeavours by giving us this giveaway. It would make my favourite nerd super happy.

By the way, I love nerds. *wink*

And the grand Prize of 2 full Pulp City teams plus the rules goes to
 The good man
Before I explain why I would make the perfect recipient for this wonderful collection of Pulp City goodies, I would just like to clear something up which I think might prejudice your judgment. There have been a number of unsavoury rumours about me circulating on the internet and I feel that it would be best to dismiss them right away. I am not now, nor have ever been, affiliated with the League of Extraordinary Evil. As an honest, mild mannered nuclear physicist, I find it very insulting that several people have suggested that I spend my evenings perfecting a suit of electro-turbine magno-lifting anti-gravitic nitro-armour, so that I can better crush the pathetic weaklings in the Brotherhood of Champions. It is simply absurd. The photograph that supposedly depicts me standing astride a five hundred foot iron robot raining laser death over downtown London is an obvious forgery. Why, the man in the photo isn't even wearing glasses!

So, why do I deserve to win this prize? As a hard-working physicist who spends every day trying to improve the lot of mankind, and my spare time jogging fun-runs to raise money for the town orphanage and kitten hospital, I need some light entertainment from time to time to help myself relax. I'm not one of those intense guys who would treat this game as a deep tactical simulation, a tool to help him prepare for future battles against the forces of justice or to replay failed conflicts over and over in an obsessive study of humiliating defeat. That's just not me! But I love painting up the models, as I find it helps my hand eye coordination and keeps me in practise when I can't spend my time tinkering with a gadget.

The only trouble might be getting the prize to me if I win. My apartment is very secluded and I don't even have a postcode. There are a lot of wolves in the area and some really overzealous hunters, so postal officers don't come my way anymore. And at this time of year the volcano can get a little restless. But don't worry. Just let me know where you live and I'll send one of my underlings... I mean, one of my lab assistants... along in the helicopter to collect the prize. You won't even have to answer the door!

Congratulations to all winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please contact me within 2 weeks (from today) using the Email Hendybadger button on the right to claim your prize.
And unclaimed by then will have new winners chosen!

Thanks once again to Pulp Monsters, Miniatures Heroes, Black Hat and Knight models for the prizes.
And to all who have entered, followed and shared!!!!!!!!!!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Congrats there you lucky chaps and chapesses

  2. Congrats indeed to everyone who won!

  3. wow thankyou! I really didn't expect to win anything with a poem written on my lunch break! well chuffed!


  4. Wow, what a giveaway and some great/funny entries!


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