Sunday, 29 July 2012

Learning to Paint - But YOU choose the minis!

Lets start this at the beginning. (obviuosly)

About 6-7 years ago I got back into mini wargaming.
Over time I gathered over 10,000 pts of Tyranids! All in a very nice combination of silver and grey.
I was well known in the area for not painting ANYTHING!

After a while I was given the (now old) GW paint range and painted up a Carnifex and 2 units of Genestealers. They were only flat colours and washes.

LOTS of time goes by.
The Tyranids have gone but I find Warmachine! Unpainted Khador and Retribution came and went.
Army wise I finally settle on Pirate Mercs and manage to base coat afew minis.
My love for the game led to becoming a Press Ganger. Which also meant more painting!
A couple of WarmaHordes starter sets in base colours, washes and dry brushing.

Since that I have painted 2 minis for online exchanges and some VERY basic Supremes for Pulp City demo games.

Things needed to change!

With the release of the new GW paint range I saved and saved so I could pick up the entire set. With BOTH GW ranges now I had no excuse that I didnt have the right colour.

With that I also grabbed the old and new 'How to Paint Citadel' books. These have seemed very useful and informative for somebody that didn't know the first thing about painting.
(You wouldn't believe I passed 2 years of Art and Design in college)

To add to the books I have been collecting the painting guides in White Dwarf each month so I have a step-by-step for a massive range of colours and effects.

All I need to do now is try our all these techniques!
But I just cant decide where to start......................

This is where my wonderful readers come in.
I would like you to comment below with the minis you think I should paint first. The ones suggested the most will be the first to finally gain some colour and the progress will be logged on here.
The choices are-

ANY Supremes from the Pulp City Range (link) 

ANY Pirate Warjacks, Casters, Units or Solos from the Warmachine Mercs range (link)

Please pick minis from both ranges and cast your votes below.
Even some scheme suggestions if you like!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay (to set up the painting station)


  1. Take a Pulp City mini without too many varied techniques and maybe that you haven't tackled yet. What about Loup Garou II (I don't recall if you painted him yet)?

    1. I have painted Loup Garou but that doesnt matter.
      I want to repaint the ones I have done already aswell

  2. I'd love to see your take on Nuclear Jones!

    1. Started work on a 'Marvel'ous version

  3. 200 hits on this post and only 2 suggestions?

  4. Red Riding Hoodoo. Rationale: You have two techniques to play with, the fur on her wolf, and the skin on red. Also, she has enough layered detail in the cloak and bandages, that you get a real chance to work with shadows.

    1. I havent actualy made the Wolf yet.
      Its becoming a right pain in the arse to put together

    2. I figured he was a single cast. Not so much eh? Is it as bad as the 40k Space Wolf riding wolf? My wife went nuts trying to get that thing together! On the plus side, it did prove to be a great chance to teach her how to putty seams and sculpt fur. ;)

    3. Its a left side, right side and head.
      I havent made any of the GW wolves but it sounds like the same sort of situation.
      Seams and fur it my next plan (when I learn how to do them)

  5. If you have a good epoxy putty, you can do fur relatively easily using a hobby knife or a toothpick. It's basically a lot of push/pull in small measures and then you see if you like what you've got. I generally use a toothpick for fur, and a knife for hair. Biggest tip: make sure to dip the tool in water frequently so the putty doesn't stick and undo all of the work you put in.


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