Monday, 10 August 2015

Arkham Asylum Update - A Little More Done and Playable

This may not be going too quickly, but it is getting there step by step.
Arkham Asylum now has a finished board with added grass and bushes, some roof tiles, stone statues and a bit of metal work!

Before I go any further, did you enter the Arkham Giveaway on the Arkham City Limits facebook group?
The winner will be announced this afternoon so keep an eye out.

It can't be an Arkham Asylum post without the Arkham Batmobile right in the middle!

A few full shots of the board. The base is now complete and apart from the metals and window frames, the base colours are down as well.
This set is is ideal from the Arkham Scenarios, but not really for normal games so........

Using Knight Models MDF scenery I have tried to turn it into a more playable board for standard games.
I have chosen the Arkham signs as they have the logos and such on matching the towers. The billboards didn't really fit the setting.
The GCPD van makes a nice central bit of cover and ties in with cops vs inmates.
All of the crates and containers etc are the Wayne Enterprises ones only and not the Queen Industries versions. I have kept with these as Wayne is tied closely to Arkham and Queen isn't.
The bins and barriers are just a little bit of decoration really.

After a chat on the Arkham City Limits FB group, I tried a couple of different washed on the stone walls. On the left is a brown to make it look dirty and on the right is a basic black for shading.
Which do you prefer>

I have also been testing a way to get the roof to more of a worn terracotta looks.
The right is before wash, the left is after. A mix of flesh and red seemed to do the job quite well.

B-Man, Birdboy, Mr J and Harls have discovered that's it's not just the inmates that are insane at Arkham. So is the weather.

More on Arkham soon.
- Hendybadger


  1. That's coming along nicely Ian, although where do you store such a large terrain piece?

    For the washes, I'd go with a mix of both - do the black first to shade the grey (make it a bit variable across the stonework) and darken the joins; then apply the brown in patches to darken it, some vertical streaks where gutters may have overflowed would look good; maybe some green at ground level to represent moss/lichen, particularly in shady corners (North side only).

    1. Thanks.
      I have built it so the main parts of the building, towers and runs of fence are all separate. Broken done it doesn't take up too much space.
      I'll give that a go with the washes.

  2. It's a nice piece, but I think it's too large to be practical for regular games. I'm sure it's spot on for the included scenarios, but am only guessing since we haven't seen them yet.

    1. It will be ideal for those. They will be posted up as soon as they are finished.
      I'm going to try with the 'playable' layout and see how it works.

  3. Nice Progress mate. It all looks excellent.

    1. Cheers. It's taking a while but that's only due to it being one of many current projects.


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