Thursday, 20 August 2015

Little Heroes Charity Fundraiser is now LIVE!

Hi all and welcome to the Little Heroes for Little Heroes charity fundraiser for the Downs Syndrome Association.

As some of you may know, almost two years ago our son Nathan was born with Downs Syndrome. He also had several linked medical conditions. This made the first year, to put it bluntly, hard and terrifying! Not knowing what the doctors were going to say next.

But, we have had an AMAZING support network around us for Nathan. Doctors, nurses, therapists, Portage workers and more. They have supported our family through everything that has happened over the last couple of years and helped understand Nathan's needs.
Because of this we wanted to do something in return. Little Heroes was then born!

So, What is Little Heroes?
For this fundraiser we are asking for people to paint up some Hero or Villain miniatures and donate them. These will then be gathered up and auctioned off here on ToaTS with ALL proceeds going to the Downs Syndrome Association.

We also have the backing of a few gaming companies that have donated some great prizes for those taking part.
Lots of MDF Scenery from Multiverse Gaming
2 Paint Racks from Impudent Mortal
Bases and minis from Fenris Games
Harley Crew, Killer Frost and Arkham Inmates from Knight Models
Deathstroke Metallic Funko Pop from Limited Edition Comix
Marvel Figure Pods from Delabole Spar
TTCombat Digicore tower, Court of Owls + Markers, Hush, Firefly and Lobo from Andrew Bruce
Batman Mini Game Rulebook,  Arkham Legends AK Batmobile from Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher
Ironman x2 from Andrew Campbell

These won't be for the usual 1st, 2nd etc though. They will go for things like most models donated, most fitting model, most raised at auction, most spent at auction and so on.

If you want to take part by painting a Hero, the deadline to get them in is November 27th and they need to be sent to-
Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher
Grain Cottage
PL33 9AN

If you would like to get in touch or maybe you run a company that would like to take part, you can contact via email at or via the Facebook page in the box on the top right.

Once the models are in, the auctions will go live on November 28th for a week. More info on that closer to the time.

The original deadline before the extension did have meaning. October is international Downs Syndrome Awareness Month and the 21st is because of chromosome 21, the cause of Downs Syndrome.
But letting more people get involved is much more important than having it on the right day.

To get everyone started, we already have our first donations. Arkham Origins Deathstroke from Luke Tickle.

Mega Man from Andrew Brown

Two Face crew plus extra Henchmen from Adam Russell Reeves.

Metal Man, Hellboy, TMNT, Rocket and Groot by WJ

Club BURNZ by Phil

Comic Harley by ZAB

Thing by Neil

I really hope this goes well and PLEASE spread this around as much as possible.

Back with more on this soon. I need to decide what to paint!
- Hendybadger


  1. I have a classic Harley Quinn on my painting table right now :) I hope to have her to you for the deadline- thank god she's so petite!

    1. She's almost done!!-WIP/page70

      Good Lord, she's tiny o_O


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