Friday, 7 August 2015

Hush / Firefly Review, Fire Errata + Giveaway Winners

Hey all!
My latest review is now up on the Wayland Games Blog. A look at Hush from Arkham Knight and Firefly from Arkham Origins.

But that's not all!

Due to the awesome power of Firefly, Knight Models have updated the Fire rule.
In the book, when a model has a Fire marker, it costs 2 Action Counters to remove it.
This has now been changed to 1 Action Counter per Fire Marker.
Still dangerous but easier to survive.

Finally, the winners for the 'Owly' giveaway have been announced. You can find the names in the Hush / Firefly review HERE and Wayland have also sent emails out to all winners.

- Hendybadger

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