Monday, 10 November 2014

City Board WIP Update

I have been playing around a little more with my city gaming board. Adding all sort of bits.
It's going to take a fair bit of work to finish off and may change quite a bit yet but I thought it was about time for an update.

Models, crates, containers, sewers and lights from Knight Models
Bases and some scatter scenery  from Fenris Games
Batmobile and Batwing from Eaglemoss
L shaped corner Pub from Timeline Miniatures
Other buildings from Sarissa Precision
Small terrain bits from Armorcast (light resin) and Ainsty Castings (dark resin)
Brown plastic scatter terrain from Mantic Games Mars Attacks

Gangs clash in the industrial district of Gotham City

Wayne Enterprises goods being shipped in.

Queen Industires goods coming in from another shipment.

Batman and Batgirl leap from the Batmobile while Robin brings in the Batwing.

The Joker, Harley and some thugs face off against the Bat Family.

The Green Arrow and Huntress take the high ground.

Bane and Deathstoke have spotted the arrow wielding team on the roof tops.

- Hendybadger


  1. Your table looks great! So much details, and it all just fits together. Only the containers look a bit out of place.
    Must be great fun to be able to play on a board like that.

  2. Thanks.
    It may be the placement of the containers or they could look better when painted up. Will test a few different lay outs.

    We haven't played on this one yet but we have used a lot of the scenery on a board with straight cross roads instead.

  3. Very nice modeling and positioning of scenery. I can see lots of interesting scenarios played out on this stage set.

  4. Wow that will all look great when it's painted!

    1. I want to make a few alterations first.
      Removing pavements, adding more to the construction areas and such.


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