Friday, 14 November 2014

DC / Batman Review: Batgirl and Huntress from Knight Models

Over the next few days we are going to take a closer look at the October releases from Knight Models.
First up are two new ladies for the Batman Miniatures Game. Batgirl and Huntress.

These two models come in the standard Knight Models packaging. Each is in a blister pack with the pieces held in tightly with foam and a game card that is also used as a display backing card.

Once open you will find two 35mm scale, highly detailed, metal models in several parts. Each with a 30mm base to mount them on.
They also include cards, which I haven't pictured, as you can download them all HERE.
Lets take a look at the two ladies separately.

 Batgirl / Barbara Gordon

Batgirl is a Sidekick for the Batman and Law crews. She comes in at 59 Rep and $0 to hire. In her rules you will find Batlings, Batcape, Batclaw and more. She looks to be a great addition rules wise.

The model for Batgirl comes in 4 pieces. Body, left leg, right leg and cape. The parts are fairly clean and the only noticeable mould lines were on the sides of the torso. Easy enough to file off though.

Huntress / Helena Bertinelli

Huntress is a Free Agent for the Green Arrow and Batman crews. Pure vigilante here, no working with only the police.
Her costs are 66 Rep and $100. Not an overly expensive model but will take up a chunk of your points in small games.

The Huntress model is in 4 parts. Main body, left arm, right arm and cape.
This one was very clean apart from a small tab on the end of the crossbow. As you can see above, the mould lines are minimal and only took seconds to clean.

Time to glue.........

Batgirl and Huntress were both easy builds. I took the base tabs off of each and mounted them on base toppers from Fenris Games to match the rest of my collection.
Batgirl does have a small gap at the back of her waist. Easy to fill but it is hidden under the cape so you wouldn't even spot it unless you are looking very closely. She is also very top heavy with a small connection point to the base. This is ok, but it means you need to be a little more careful during games or pin and weight the base.
Huntress just slotted together and looks amazing. My only negative thought is that her crossbow looks a bit big. But, some artists did draw it that size so it's just personal taste.

Each of them will cost you around £12 online. It may sound a lot for a single model but these are bigger than the usual gaming scale with a lot of detail as well as being licensed products.
Plus, how much is a character for the biggest games on the market?

This time I'm going to score the models separately on the Badger Points scale

Batgirl - 7/10

Huntress 9/10

Check out these and the rest of the Batman range at the Knight Models Site..

Next up is Roman Sionis a.k.a Black Mask........

- Hendybadger


  1. Nice! Keep 'em comming.
    I'm curious what you're rating is for some of the other models.

  2. The rest of ths wave will be up next week.
    Or do you mean some older models?


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