Saturday, 8 November 2014

Exclusive Batman Preview - Speedy a.k.a Roy Harper

 Our good friends at Knight Models have sent another great preview.
This time it's one for all of you Green Arrow and Arrow show fans.
(Wow, did you see the end of this weeks episode???)

SPEEDY a.k.a Roy Harper.
Some of you may even know him as Arsenal or the Red Arrow. Sidekick to the Green Arrow himself and currently part of Red Hood's Outlaws team, Speedy is a very skilled archer with all sorts of trick arrows and a crazy attitude to go along with his crazy heroics.

 This isn't a very clear picture as it's a capture off of the rules card. But, it does let you see all but the tiniest details of the new Speedy model for the Batman Miniatures Game.

I think this model captures Roy really well. It shows skill and athletics at the same time. Almost as if he is about to zip off of a rooftop.
It's not just a shot of the model we have though, we have RULES!

Rules wise, Speedy is a Sidekick for the Green Arrow crew only. Clocking in at 74 Rep and $200, he isn't the cheapest addition but I think he will bring a lot to the force. Average to good stats across the board make him a very flexible character. Acrobat, Movement 3, Defense 4 and Endurance 7 means your opponent will have to work to keep up with him and them work even harder to take him down when they do.

If the enemy close down in front of Speedy, the addition of Charge  lets him storm through the middle and then still attack. This is handy as he can deploy up to 20cm out of the deployment zone so will probably meet the enemy first due to Undercover.

Speedy would rather be picking people off at range though. Rapid Fire means he always gets +1 Rate of Fire even when moving, which Good Aim lets him do and still shoot, so he can get into the right position for the shot.

Once it's lined up, he gets a choice of two arrows. The standard one gives 2 Blood damage on a 3+ but the Explosive one blows up and gives 1 Blood and 1 Stun on a 2+.
I would make sure there is at least 1 Ammo Crate objective on the table though.

The addition of Speedy gives a really nice Green Arrow crew now. Green Arrow, Speedy, Huntress and the Police set 1 as Lance and Diggle comes in at just under 300 Rep.
Guess what I'm going to try as soon as he's released!
This isn't all Knight Models have coming though.

These are modular buildings for the Gotham Sceneography range. No news yet on when or how they will be available but I know I will be picking some up as soon as possible. They look amazing.

Finally, a big man is coming to Gotham City. LOBO will be available for the Batman Minis Game soon!

So, what do you think of Speedy? Will he be on your shopping list?

- Hendybadger


  1. Yes Green Arrow was my first bats mini I picked up so definitely getting Speedy can't wait for a wider dc rules set to come out so I can play flash and eventually Green Lantern

    1. I keep pushing for Flash to get Batman rules. Green Lantern will be a must for me as well.
      I hope a Black Canary turns up for this crew soon.


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