Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Marvel 35mm Review: Deadpool and Venom from Knight Models

For the third Knight Models October release review I am heading to the Marvel universe.
This month it's two of my all time favourite characters. Venom and DEADPOOL!!!!!!!!!

Packaging is the usual Knight Models standard. Venom is in a large blister while Deadpool is in a small one.
Both have the parts held in tightly with foam and a display backing card with one side showing the characters team / affiliation logo and the other showing a painted example of the model.

Inside each blister you will find a highly detailed, 35mm scale, multi part metal model.
Venom comes in five pieces with a 40mm base while Deadpool is in four pieces with a 30mm base.
While these don't have stat cards like the Batman models, there is a Marvel rules set in the works for the near future.

Wade Wilson. The Merc with a Mouth. Constant breaker of the 4th wall and utter nut job.
Deadpool has found him self with the good guys and the bad in the Marvel universe. While he means well, it usually involves killing and blowing things up for a lot of money.

Deadpool is in four bits. Body, left arm, right arm and twin scabbard.
The main body has a dirt mound under one foot but it looks easy enough to remove if you want to.
As for mould lines, they are all but non existent. Very small and took seconds to clean.

Venom, the alien symbiote. First on Spiderman and Eddie Brock, currently on Flash Thompson as Agent Venom. Venom is a super powered killing machine that is difficult for the host to control.
This version is Mac Gargan. Ex Scorpion and member of the Dark Avengers.

Venom is in five parts. Legs, torso, left arm, right arm and tongue.
There were small mould lines around the torso and arms but the legs and tongue were quite clean.
Each part also has a large plug that matches a hole on the connecting piece.

Time to glue.......

Each model has had the base tab removed so they can be mounted on resin base toppers to match the rest of my collection.
Deadpool was a 'dead' easy build. The parts matched up perfectly and the model looks amazing!
Venom was a little more tricky. The large plugs had to be trimmed a little for a good fit and the waist will need a tiny bit of filler to smooth out the gap. Other than that, he looks great.

Deadpool is in stores for around £12. No more than characters for any of the bigger games, but the scale and detail is a lot more impressive than most of those others. Plus, ALL THOSE POUCHES!
Venom is around £25. He is a HUGE chunk of metal though. The muscle and symbol details make it a very imposing piece.

As I have slightly different views on these, I am going to score them separately.

Venom - 8/10 Badger Points

Deadpool - 10/10 Badger Points!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, Deadpool has landed my first 10/10 here in the Knight Models ranges. As a fan this model is all I have wanted for a long time and it doesn't disappoint!

Which is your favourite?

Next up, a new line from Knight Models.

- Hendybadger


  1. Very cool. Thanks for posting Hendybadger! I think, just based on size alone, I like Venom, but it looks like a crappy fit, and sounds like a lot of work. I need to go google the white 'pattern' on Venom. I thought it was just an 'evil' spider....that will be tough to paint.

    1. The build wasn't that much work. I have built much worse large metal models.
      The white pattern on the Gargan Venom is a very simplified version of the usual Brock one.

  2. That Deadpool is certainly only Christmas list - I'm pleased I held off on paying £12 for a heroclix one now this one is available!

    1. As soon as I seen the picture, I knew I needed atleast two!

      I did end up getting the Heroclix Corps as well though.


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