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Spinespur - A Dark and Twisted Survival Horror Game

Comfy Chair Games are running a Kickstarter campaign for the awesome game Spinespur.
I have been eyeing up this game for quite some time but just haven't managed to pick any up yet. I think this could be the perfect chance!
Below I have gather lots of info from the KS page and the CCG webste so people can find out what Spinespur is all about!


Spinespur is better described as fitting into the horror genre, a genre that has been inundated with kid-friendly, plastic gaming for too long.  Horror movies and books are filled with rich subject matter that is ripe for gamers to explore but doing so requires a mature outlook and a story-focused perspective.  Merging the concept of an adult-oriented game with a horror theme allows us to tell rich stories and sell unique models that would be unacceptable in other games.  Some of the Spinespur models and stories would make a soccer mom cringe, and the “mature” label is in place to limit run-ins with irate parents.

Spinespur is a world where evil reigns supreme and even the angels have stains on their wings.  Spinespur is filled with the typical chainsaws, zombies, and werewolves as well as more obscure or innovative nightmares all its own.  It’s a Modern Survival Horror game with elements of fantasy alongside elements of science fiction.

What makes Spinespur different from other miniatures games?
#1. Spinespur is a skirmish level miniatures game where players will use between 6 and 10 models per side in a standard size game. Most every model has multiple wounds, so the one shot/one kill method of play is rarely a factor in games of Spinespur.

#2. When a model dies in Spinespur, their bodies and weapons don't magically disappear. A dead body is marked with a corpse marker, and other models can move up to the corpse and loot weapons to add to your arsenal. This means you do not have to enter the battlefield with the best weapons, you just have to kill your opponents models and loot their weapons.

 #3.  As mentioned above, when a model dies their dead body is marked with a corpse marker. Some models in Spinespur have the ability to use the corpse markers as resources. Some models are able to raise the dead from a corpse marker, and have the new undead model fight for them. Other models consume the corpse marker in order to heal themselves or sometimes cast magic spells. We don't leave anything to waste in Spinespur.

#4. Another game mechanic that has been rethought in Spinespur, is fear. Many games approach fear by having a player roll some dice, and if they don't roll over a certain number their models run off the board. What a cheap way to lose hardened warrior models in a game. In Spinespur, we made fear something that the psychopathic denizens of Spinespur can use as a weapon, not unlike what you would see in a horror movie. In Spinespur, fear is represented by fear tokens. As models do things to horrify or terrify opposing models, they gain fear tokens. Fear tokens can be used to reroll dice or even just tip the dice over one side. This makes fear a commodity in Spinespur. Besides, what is survival horror without fear?
Spinespur has also created a unique dice system in order to keep the game interesting. The blood and bone dice are sure to make the tactically minded raise an eyebrow in surprise and pleasure.

One of the best things about Spinespur, it is that there is no set Army you are forced into playing. We designed a game system to appeal to everyone. There are 3 ways to make a force in Spinespur. The 1st way is known as an open build, it allows any player to use 65% of the models we make in a force based on the model's philosophy. The 2nd way is called the philosophy build. All models in your force need to share the same philosophy (malevolent, uncorrupted, calculating, psychotic or indifferent.) This build style will allow the player to have a 5% bonus on points used to build their force. The last way to build a model is known as an agenda build. All models in this type of force must share the same agenda, which is the closest thing we have to a formal Army. This is the fluffiest build available, and forces made with an agenda build have a special bonus unique to their specific agenda.

The Dark Faith is a church run by the depraved fiend known as "The Anti-Pope." This madman surrounds himself with wraith-like "Dark Cardinals" and the cruel Sisters of Obscenity (aka Stun Nuns.) The Anti-Pope is well versed in the darkest of magics. He specializes in raising the dead and torturing their captured souls. One of the more powerful mages in Spinespur, the Anti-Pope is not a man to trifle with, if he is a man at all.

The institution is an old insane asylum located in Spinespur.  This is the lair of Doc Akron, a madman who stitches together lifeless corpses in order to help him run his asylum while he strives to understand just what creates life. Though Doc Akrons soulless creations are something to fear, the good Doctor hides a very dark secret himself.

The Slaughterhouse. This is the domain of the twisted Pigskinman. This horrible miscreant runs a slaughterhouse on the outskirts of Spinespur. The workers in the slaughterhouse will fight ferociously for the Pigskinman, because they know that failure to follow his direction is punishable by being fed to his special, carnivorous pigs. One of Pigskinman's favorite tactics is to release swine onto the battlefield, in order to confuse and trip up his opponents so that his workmen can chain and drag fallen foes under the cleaver of the deranged Pigskinman!

The men of G.O.D. are and enigma in Spinespur, as it is yet unclear if they are truly good men fighting for what is right or people who have lost their full grip on reality. The men from the “Government Occult Division” or G.O.D. for short, use a strange technology unknown to most that uses pain as fuel. Their tenure in Spinespur seems to have blurred their understanding of what the acronym G.O.D. stands for, as they now enter the field of battle quoting from the Bible, and naming themselves after famous figures from the Good Book.

Spinespur Is a game that uses heroic scale miniatures (32 mm to the top of the head) made of metal, not plastics or resins. We do not have lag time due to shipping work out of the United States. Our books are printed in the United States; our miniatures are produced in the United States.

Spinespur has a parental warning label on the front cover of the book. This was not placed here as a marketing scheme. Nothing that happens on the game table is anything you would be embarrassed by your grandmother seeing. The reason for the parental warning is that we did not feel writing fluff for a survival horror game and having it sanitized for the eyes of 10-year-olds would do the atmosphere of the game any justice. We believe the atmosphere of the game is just as important as gameplay, and we were not willing to cut corners on either. We felt Spinespur needed stories more reminiscent of Clive Barker and Stephen King then stories you would find in Goosebumps.


If you like what you see, and I don't see why anybody wouldn't, then head over to the Spinespur Kickstarter and help them out!

More on this dark and twisted game coming soon.........

Henydbadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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