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Malifaux from Mars - Meet the Guild

Malifaux from Mars: The Guild

Hi! Welcome back to another Malifaux from Mars post and today we will talk about the first faction available in the world of Malifaux and all the Masters available. The Guild is, in my humble opinion, the most straight forward faction out of all the other factions in Malifaux. They are packed with hard hitting models that prefer a direct confrontation and physical damage. The Guild is probably the easiest faction for new players to start learning Malifaux. Hit the jump when you are ready to learn a bit more about the Guild.
In Malifaux, there is no law above Guild Law. Although these laws do bring some protection to the citizens, order is prized above mercy; because ultimately it is order that keeps the gears of the soulstone trade turning. A world without order is a world without profit, and The Guild always turn a profit. Hit the jump to learn more

  As mentioned, the Guild favors direct confrontation and physical damage. Often times they also prefer to attack from a distant with their barrage of gun shots. They also favor buffing their own crews up and tend to fight with a smaller number, but high quality/performance, of models. The opposite side of Guild’s strong point, they don’t have any Masters that summons new models on the board and their minions usually costs 4 soulstones. Don’t be fooled! These 4 soulstones models are really awesome to use. The Guild are also generally the slowest faction out of the others and they compensate these weaknesses by having strong individual models with high firepower capabilities. It is also worth mentioning that most of the Guild Masters are equipped to go against certain foes.

Let’s start with my personal favorite Master from the Guild:

1.       Lady Justice:
Lady Justice is the Anti-Resurrectionist, Melee-Specialist Master of the Guild. If you like playing a straight forward melee battles, Lady Justice is the perfect selection. Unbelievably strong in close combat when it comes to dishing out damage and if she ever pick an opponent out, most likely that defender will not last a turn. She also uses spells and abilities to buff her crew around her (mostly Death Marshalls). She is the easiest Master to learn out of all Masters from all faction and she’s aesthetically a beautiful looking model.

2.       Perdita Ortega:
Perdita is the Anti-Neverborn, Range-Specialist Master of the Guild. She and her family members can use the Companion ability to activate everyone (with the last name Ortega) within a certain range at the same time and essentially focus fire on certain models to take them down really quickly. Pair this up with some of the most amazing shooters in Malifaux, this crew can be very powerful even at the newest beginners.

3.       Sonnia Criid:
Sonnia is the Anti-Arcanist, Range Spell-Specialist Master of the Guild. But don’t be fooled, she can be deadly in melee fights as well. She is known for her pyrokinetic abilities to dish out fire magic for offensive and defensive purposes.

4.       C. Hoffman:
Hoffman relies a lot on the Contructs around him. I believe Hoffman is the most defensive Master within the Guild and he specializes in maintaining his Contructs by buffing them and removing their weaknesses. A rather weak Master by himself (he is paralyzed in the fluff and is wearing a construct backpack similar to Doctor Octopus to support him), but paired with the right Constructs, he can be really devastating on the board.

5.       Lucas McCabe:
McCabe is the first out of 5 dual factioned Masters that works for the Ten Thunders as well as another faction (in this case, the Guild). McCabe is a very fast Master as he is mounted on a horse and equipped with a different variety of equipment. He easily distributes Slow or paralyze to his opponent and he gets better when he’s surrounded.

6.       Lucius (Henchman):
Lucius, while not considered a Master, can be used to lead a crew because he’s a Henchman. His strong points are his talents and abilities to support his crew, improving both their mobility and firepower. He’s a very difficult model to kill as he has talents and abilities that forces the attacker to flip an extra card and pick the lowest. Out of all the other boxed set, his crew is probably the only one from the Guild that relies on other models that are sold as blister packs to synergize a bit better (ie. Guild Hounds, Guild Guards, and/or Guild Austringers).

                Well there you have it readers, all Masters from the Guild (to date) all summarized and broken down for your reading pleasure. Don’t be fooled with the easy-learning play style that the Guild offer as some of their tactics can take a long time to master, and when you do master them, it will prove to be really satisfying. This is Mars from Voices of Mars, stay tuned for the Arcanist faction next!


  1. Nice appraisals its nice to see what all the characters are themed about cheers for posting this up.

  2. I'm miles behind (and a bit clueless) when it comes to Malifaux, but my mrs is very interested in it so thanks for helping me get up to date.

  3. Nice write up. One small correction: Sonnia can summon witchlings through violation of magic.

    1. Ah yes, in addition to fire magic, she can also summon witchlings :) Nice to see a comment from a podcaster that I listen to :)


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