Monday, 25 March 2013

Pulp City Review - Riposte + Arquero

With the Pulp City Supreme Edition open beta still running, I thought it was about time I looked at some more of the PC range. With a MASSIVE and varied range of super powered beings, there are a lot of different things to look at.
Today we have

Riposte and Arquero

Riposte and Arquero come in a box set together. The front shows you the stunning artwork for these Supremes and the back has painted examples of the models, the level and faction details and a teaser of the fluff. These boxes may be changing in the near future though as Pulp City moves over to blister packs.
Riposte is a Level 2 Support model usable by both Heroes and Villains. She is a trained fencer and highly skilled in planning and preparation.
Arquero is a Level 1 Blaster that can also be taken by both Hero and Villain teams. A skilled archer, he is the perfect Supreme for covering the advance of others.
You can find the full background stories in the Heroes and Villains Section of the Pulp City website.

In the box you get 2 multi part metal models, 2 30mm round lipped bases and 2 Supreme rules cards.
I wont go into the cards at the moment as the rules are being updated in the new Supreme Edition open beta for the game. You can find the updated rules and Supreme cards >HERE<
Time to take a closer look at the model themselves.

Arquero is your classic 'archer' character. The model comes in 3 parts and is set in a nice aiming pose.
The quiver, bow, straps and jacket give quiet a few different textures to play about with. He is also sporting a classic hero full face mask that you could do almost anything with.
The detail is very sharp and the models only has a couple of small vents (where the air escapes the mould). There are in really easy places to remove. There is a small mould line running around the edge of the main body but it follows the jacket nicely and files off quickly.
The only thing that bothered me with this model was the thickness of the arrow. The thin metal means you need to be careful when lining up the arm and hand. If you bend it in the process, it will not be easy to bend back. (Speaking from experience)

Riposte is a pro fencer that comes in 2 pieces. I think the stance gets the fencing feel across well while the catsuit and hair add to the very feminine nature of the model.
The detail is really nice. A zip that runs down the front of her suit has every tooth visible and her hair just looks amazing.
The model is a very clean cast with no vents and a very tiny mould line around. The line was that small it could be ignored unless you are very picky when building models like I am.
The sword (I don't know the real name) is another thin piece. Easy to attach but you will want to be very careful with the model when you handle it. The sword is easy to bend out of shape.
I had considered replacing it with a sowing pin but never got around to doing it.

Time to checkout the full models.
(OK, I have been a little naughty here. I have been painting already and haven't shown the bare models)

My colour scheme was in no way inspired by a well known, bow carrying Avenger. Honest!
The Arquero model looks great when built. The eyes line up with the arrow nicely and the jacket still gives it a feel of action and movement. Very well done in my opinion.

This scheme was also not taken from an Avenger of any sort! (shhhh)
Riposte looks lovely. Simple to build, several textures make her a pleasure to paint and the model just looks fantastic in my opinion.

This set is 13.99 Euros from the Pulp City Store. That's roughly £12 or $14 for the 2 models. I think that's a fairly good price compared to several other ranges on the market.

I do really like these models. As if you couldn't tell that already. The cast are great, the sculpts are really nice and the price is good.
My only issue is the thin arrow and sword that need so gentle handling.
All in all though,I would recommend them to anybody!

8 out of 10 Badger Points!

What do you think of them?

Next time it will be the turn of the invading Ulthar!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. This is one of the sets I am keeping an eye one. I find the Pulp Game very interesting but lacking any interest in players around me. They are useful in supersystem 3 it seems that I may be going with instead.

    1. Have you tried out the new rules?
      Makes it a much faster, easier and more fun game.

      The range is perfect for things like SS3


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